Honda Odyssey Error Codes (E, TPMS, P3497, P3400, P2647)

Honda Odyssey Error Codes (E, Tpms, P3497, P3400, P2647, VSA, p0420, p0301, p1717)

Honda Odyssey is a popular choice among many minivan buyers but has technical errors!

What Causes Errors on the Honda Odyssey?

A weak battery

If your Honda Odyssey won’t start or cranks slower than usual, the problem is a weak or dead battery. A battery voltage test will verify the problem.

Using a healthy battery and some jumper cables from another vehicle, you can jump-start it. You can also use a battery booster. If you get a new battery but experience the same problem, give it time to reach its full capacity.

Corroded battery

A corroded battery causes loss of contact and minimal current flow. Thus, your vehicle’s engine won’t start properly. If you suspect a corroded battery, you can investigate by lifting the rubber covers from both battery terminals and checking for signs of corrosion.

If there are traces of corrosion but no visible cracks or damage, you just need to clean the battery or hire a mechanic to do it for you.

Broken starter motor

The average life of a starter motor on a Honda Odyssey is approximately 150,000 miles. However, this lifespan can decrease if you start your vehicle more frequently.

The starter motor may break down after driving your Honda Odyssey. A clicking sound whenever you start your vehicle signifies that you have a bad starter motor.

Clogged fuel filter

A clogged fuel filter on your Honda Odyssey will show an error. The fuel filter doesn’t wear out like other mechanical parts but can clog due to dirt and airborne particles. This problem escalates with time.

If the fuel filter becomes too dirty, your vehicle’s engine will not function at total capacity. Cleaning isn’t an option so instead, change the fuel filter.

Defective spark plugs

If the spark plugs inside your vehicle are not functioning correctly, the engine won’t start. Spark plugs become defective when the engine plug connection becomes loose. You can fix a single faulty plug, but any more need replacing by a mechanic.

Fuel pump failure

The fuel pump ensures adequate fuel transfers from the tank to the vehicle’s ignition system with enough pressure. If your vehicle’s engine breaks down frequently, the fuel pump has stopped working. The best solution is fuel pump replacement by a mechanic.

Engine failure

Engine failures on the Honda Odyssey can result from insufficient oil, overheating, incorrect fueling, speeding over long distances, hydrolock, or even tearing the timing belt. A mechanic will best diagnose engine failure.

Honda Odyssey Error Codes Meaning and Troubleshooting Tips

Error code P3497

This is the Cylinder Deactivation System error code. The vehicle’s computer system has detected a problem with the cylinder deactivation system.

Faulty or dirty spark plugs usually cause error code P3497. Experts recommend replacing your spark plugs after 25 hours. Take your Honda Odyssey to an auto repair shop for diagnosis.

Error code P0420

Error code P0420 means that the catalytic converter is not operating at the optimum level and may require a replacement. Error code P0420 can also occur due to a fuel injector leak, faulty oxygen sensor, muffler damage or leaks, and engine misfire.

You may have to replace the 02 sensors, fix a leaking injector, clean the catalytic converter, or fix the engine coolant temperature sensor.

Error code P0301

Error code P0301 means that cylinder one is misfiring, posing a threat to the drivability of the Honda Odyssey.

Cylinder 1 will be the first cylinder on the firing order and not the first cylinder you see on your engine.

This error hints at bad spark plugs, vacuum leaks, intake air leaks, low compression, bad fuel injectors, and incorrect fuel pressure.

Inspect and test all the ignition system components around cylinder 1 to verify whether you need to replace spark plugs, wires, or coil packs. You can also swap the spark plugs, wires, and coil packs from cylinder 1 with another cylinder. If this causes another error code, one of these components is faulty and needs replacing.

Error code P1717

Error code P1717 means transmission range switch. A faulty transmission range switch, poor electrical connection on the transmission range switch, or a defective PCM cause this error code.

Since the error code appears when the transmission control module has shifted, you can re-adjust it or take the vehicle to an auto repair shop.

Error code P0303

Error code P0303 indicates that cylinder three is misfiring and can result in an ignition failure or catalytic converter damage. The problem is caused by poor-quality fuel, faulty spark plugs, distributor failure, vacuum leak, and camshaft sensor defect.

First, diagnose the cause of the engine misfire. If you detect no leaks, you have to replace the spark plugs on cylinder 3. If this doesn’t fix the problem, take the car to a mechanic for diagnosis.

Error code P3400

Error code P3400 indicates performance issues with the cylinder deactivation system bank 1. It is due to low engine oil level, poor oil pressure, incorrect oil type, faulty PCM, faulty MAF sensor, defective lifters, and a faulty TP sensor.

Some of the common fixes for this problem include:

  • Replacing cylinder deactivation solenoid 1
  • Replacing cylinder deactivation solenoid 7
  • Cleaning debris off the lifter oil passages
  • Replacing the engine lifters
  • Disassembling and cleaning the entire engine

Error code P0401

This error code stands for exhaust gas recirculation insufficient flow, indicating issues with the emissions system. This error occurs due to vacuum issues, sensor issues, blocked EGR tubes, or bad EGR valves.

You can fix the problem by doing a mechanical diagnosis on the EGR tube, DPFE sensor voltage, and EGR valve. They will likely need replacing.

Error code P2647

This error code means that the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) has detected a valve train malfunction for engine bank one. This issue is caused by a high voltage from the rocker arm oil pressure switch, low engine oil, faulty rocker arm actuator, defective VVT/VTEC pressure switch, or a loose rocker arm.

Diagnosing error code P2647 demands access to a diagnostic scanner, DVOM, and reliable vehicle information. If all the circuits, actuators, and sensors are in good condition, the problem comes from a defective PCM.

Error code A1

Error code A1 means that you need to change engine oil, check tire pressure, rotate tires, and check the condition of the tires. The best way to fix this error code is to visit an auto shop and get an oil change, tires rotated, and inflate the tires.

Error code A12

Error code A12 is a maintenance code indicating that you should get your tires inspected, change air cleaner elements, replace dust and pollen filters, and check the drive belt. Take your vehicle to an auto shop for scheduled maintenance if this error code appears.

Error code B12

This is also a maintenance code that indicates it’s time to replace engine oil and oil filter, inspect front and rear brakes, rotate tires, and check the parking brake adjustment. When you see this error code, take your vehicle to a mechanic for scheduled maintenance.

Error code D3

Error code D3 indicates that you’re driving the vehicle in ‘overdrive off’ mode. It means that you’re running in 3rd gear, causing your car to run at a much higher engine speed without moving fast. You can fix the problem by starting the vehicle and shifting to drive mode (D).

Error code E

Error code E means you’ve entered the radio code more than three times, so you’ve been locked out. You can fix the problem by disconnecting the radio cable and reinserting it again. After doing so, you’ll have ten attempts to try entering the correct anti-theft code in the radio again.

Focus error code

This error code means that the DVD/MP3/WMV has a problem reading a scratched disk. Installing a new DVD/MP3/WMV drive fixes it.

OBD2 link error

An OBD2 diagnostic scan tool showing errors instead of trouble codes indicates incompatibility, bad fuses, a failed computer, or circuit board damage. Test the scanner with another car to determine compatibility.

Error code 1

Error code 1 means you’ve entered the incorrect radio code too many times, and your radio is locked. Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery fixes the problem.

Error code 13B

This error code indicates your vehicle needs maintenance, including replacing transmission fluid, oil and filter change, and rotating the tires. Scheduled maintenance fixes this code.

Error code 2

Error code 2 indicates an issue with the radio. Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery fixes the problem and lets you correctly enter the radio’s serial number.

Fault code 22-3

This code appears when your vehicle’s radio is locked. You can fix the issue by disconnecting the battery and re-entering the radio code.

Code error 4

Error code four on the stereo means the battery died or was replaced. Enter the radio’s serial number to get the radio code. Then, enter the radio code to fix the error.

Code error 5

This error code indicates a manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP) problem. Installing a new sensor best fixes this problem.

Code error 6

This error denotes a faulty coolant temperature sensor. Replacing the malfunctioning coolant temperature sensor fixes it.

Error code 6382

This error signifies your audio system and rear camera need updating. Updating both fixes the error code.

Error code 7

This error code indicates an open or shorted throttle position sensor signal circuit (TPS). If your car is new, then repair is the practical solution. However, if the vehicle has high mileage, then replace it.

Error code 8

This error code shows up when you have an open or shorted crank angle sensor (TDC). Unfortunately, it’s challenging to repair a defective crank sensor, so the best option is a replacement.

Error code 9

This error code indicates that you have a defective cylinder position sensor. You can reset this sensor by disconnecting the battery for five minutes or removing the fuse attached to your engine control module.

Error code VSA

This error code stands for Vehicle Stability Assistance. It helps stabilize your van during cornering and maintain traction. If this error code appears while driving, stop the vehicle and restart the engine. If it lingers, take your car to an auto shop for diagnosis.

Error code TPMS

If the TPMS light appears on the dashboard, you have low tire pressure. Get your tires inflated then inspected by a mechanic. If the code lingers, reset it using a diagnostic scanner tool.

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