Can A Low/Dead Battery In The Key Fob Cause Car Not To Start?

Can A Low Battery In The Key Fob Cause Car Not To Start

If you have ever gotten into your car and you try to push the start button with nothing happening, it might be due to the key fob running out of battery power. Can A Low Battery In The Key Fob Cause Car Not To Start?

The key fob is designed with a battery, which features sensors that communicate directly with the computer system of your car and these two should have clear communication. If the battery is too low, it could completely hinder the ability to start your car. The problem is not the battery in your car, but rather the lack of communication from the key fob to the ECU.

What Causes The Key Fob Battery To Drain?

1. Low-Quality Batteries

One of the main reasons that would cause your key fob to drain would be a low-quality battery. Originally, you would get a good battery from the manufacturer and this should ensure that your key fob is working in optimal condition. However, cheaper replacement batteries might not be the same quality and could often cause the key fob to drain faster.

2. Frequent Use

Another big reason that your key fob may not be working is when it is overused. Since it is often the only way of accessing your vehicle, you will use it frequently to open the doors and start the car. Those driving often might find that the key fob could eventually run out of battery, which might cause the vehicle to stop working.

3. Damaged Key Fob

One thing people often neglect is damage. Yes, your key fob is not impervious to damage and this means that it might occasionally fail when you have accumulated some damage to the component. Water damage is the main cause of problems when it comes to your key fob and you can occasionally find that water enters the internal components.

Once water enters, it could corrode the internal components and this would essentially damage some of the internal components significantly. Once it is corroded, it might hamper the ability of the components to charge.

4. Faulty Internal Circuitry

One of the biggest issues with modern components is that they rely heavily on certain electronics. Unfortunately, not all of these internal components are designed to be the same quality and this could significantly damage the internal structure. The circuitry is one of the first things you could identify when a faulty key fob is found.

Unfortunately, you cannot always replace these components at home and you are best taking it to a professional. You might also need to go back to your dealership to reprogram the key fob to get it connected to your vehicle once again.

How Do I Know The Key Fob Battery Is Low?

Since this is not an isolated issue, many people in the past have had to deal with a low-key fob battery and this means that you can use some of their experiences to notice when the key fob is low.

1. Unresponsive

One of the first things that are often an indicator of a dying key fob would be that it becomes unresponsive. Once you press a button to activate something, it might not respond and this could affect the ability to open doors or even turn on certain components of your vehicle. It is one of the first indicators that something is wrong.

2. Weakening Of Signal And Range

Another issue you might encounter is that the signal or range of the key fob stops working. While each vehicle will have its range limits, dealing with a weakened range might be a sign that you have some problems with your key fob. This is often one of the first signs that would indicate whether or not your key fob battery is dying.

3. Difficulty Performing Functions

Finally, you might find that you need to constantly press the buttons to enable the key fob to perform some of the basic functions of locking and unlocking the doors. Aside from possibly sustaining damage to the key fob, it could be due to a low battery. If you notice the key fob struggling to perform some of these basic functions, it could be due to a low battery.

What Should I Do Once I Notice The Key Fob Is Dying?

If you notice that the above-mentioned symptoms are becoming an issue, you should consider fixing the battery. It can be daunting to start your vehicle if the key fob does not work and you will need to have the battery replaced to ensure that the vehicle is once again operational.

The first thing you could do is visit your local dealership and have them help you in replacing the key fob. However, a standard key or electronic professional might be able to open the key fob and replace the battery.

It is recommended that you replace your key fob battery once every 12 to 18 months.

However, this would vary depending on how often you drive and if you use it often. Some people might need to replace the key fob battery once every 6 months.

How Do You Start Your Car With A Low/ Dead Battery?

If the battery on your key fob is low, you might be dealing with the same issues you would when the battery of your car is dying. The best advice would be to use some of the following tips to help you start your car with the dead battery:

1. Check For An Old-Fashioned Key

One of the major benefits of a key fob is that many manufacturers have included the traditional key on the inside of the key fob. With a few movements of the key fob, you can release the old-fashioned key, which should enable you to manually unlock the car with the use of this traditional and old-school key.

Once you have the traditional key, you should be able to unlock the doors manually from the outside. Many cars might not have a key slot, but this is hidden behind the handle for many cars. It is best to check the manual and find out how you can access this traditional key slot when you can use the electronic key fob.

2. Start The Car

One thing that people often don’t know is that the key fob can work when the battery is dead. Instead of putting the key fob down, you want to put the manual key back inside the key fob. By using the key fob to press the start button, it should allow you to start the vehicle.

Manufacturers have designed key fobs to make manual contact with the start button and this would often help to start the vehicle once the battery does not work.

Alternatively, a hidden key fob slot could be located in the car. After looking at a few of the modern Ford models, it is easy to see that the key fob holder is located in the cup holder, which is the perfect size for the key fob. This would serve a similar purpose to starting your car with a key in the normal ignition slot.

3. Calling Roadside Assistance

If both of these methods fail, you might need to revert to calling roadside assistance. You must ask your insurance if roadside assistance is covered under the warranty. The roadside assistance company would often make use of a locksmith, who would open the door and allow you to get inside.

They could even provide a jump start to get the car going if the battery on your key fob does not work. However, there should always be one of the above-mentioned methods that enable you to start your car manually, even when the key fob is dead.

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