Chrysler 300 Key Fob Not Working (7 Reasons + Repair Tips)

chrysler 300 key fob not working after battery replacement, cold weather and hard reset

Many times, Chrysler 300 key fob will stop working. Rather than instantly replacing the fob, it is time to look at the likely causes and work towards fixing the problem.

Chrysler 300 key fob not working

1. Dead battery:

When the battery inside the car key fob is dead – no matter how many times you press the button or how close you are to your vehicle, the key fob will not work.

If you have a dead battery, buy a new battery online or from an offline store and replace the battery.

2. Unsoldered leads:

Inside the key fob is normal circuitry. It consists of soldered leads to buttons.

If the soldering metal suffers from wear and tear, the leads will no longer be soldered. And the key fob will not function.

There are two solutions to this problem.

You can try and solder the leads yourself. However, for the same, you require pretty technical knowledge.

In case you aren’t able to do that, buying a new key fob is a good idea. However, when you buy a new key fob, you might have to get it paired with the onboard computer system. That can prove to be costly.

You need to decide whether you want to try and solder the leads yourself or whether you want to buy a generic car key fob that can work with your Chrysler 300.

3. Wrong fob:

Many times, there is no problem with the key fob at all. The problem is that you have accidentally picked up the key fob of another vehicle.

Since the onboard computer of your Chrysler 300 does not recognize that key fob, it won’t unlock the vehicle or perform any other function.

Before trying any solution, you have to double-check whether the key fob you are using is your Chrysler 300 or some other vehicle.

4. Car battery issue:

The car’s various systems, including the keyless entry system, are powered by the car battery.

Whenever the car battery is low, it might or might not recognize the signals coming in from the car key fob.

When this happens, you might think that the problem is with the car key fob, but the truth is that the problem is with the car battery. In that case, fixing the car key fob is of no use.

You have to check the status of the car battery and charge it if it is low.

To detect this problem, you have to look at the weak battery sign on the dashboard.

5. Radio interference:

Is there any device that can create radio interference?

In case you are in the vicinity, but there is a jammer, irrespective of the car key fob working fine, no matter how many times you press the button, the vehicle will not be unlocked.

That is because jammers block the signal from the car key fob.

In this case, you need to change your location. For example, you have to move away if you’re near the jammers.

6. Damaged key fob:

Have you dropped the car key fob recently?

Has it been exposed to do water?

Another common reason the car key fob might stop working is physical damage. The physical damage can be due to water exposure or an accidental drop of the car key fob.

In case the buttons are subjected to some other kind of pressure, the circuitry inside might be damaged. In that case, the key fob will not work.

Repairing a car key fob is pretty cumbersome.

If there is physical damage to the car key fob, it is good to get a new one.

When you contact Chrysler 300 dealership, they can provide you with a new key fob. However, that is pretty expensive.

A much better option is to get a generic key fob which you can then pair with your onboard computer. That way, you will not have to spend a lot of money getting a new car key fob.

7. Faulty keyless entry system:

The car key fob is just one part of the system. It initiates a signal to unlock the vehicle. The same is recognized by the keyless entry system of your car. If there is any problem with this entry system of your car, then the car will not perform the desired function.

A faulty keyless entry system can only be fixed with a proper diagnostic check. You might have to contact a mechanic or the car dealership for the same. The problem can be software-based or hardware-based.

Only the dealership or the mechanic can help you out in that case.

Once you adopt any of these solutions according to the problem, you will be able to use your Chrysler 300 once again.

How much does it cost to fix Chrysler 300 key fob? Can I fix it myself?

You can fix some of the problems related to the Chrysler 300 fob by yourself. However, if you contact the locksmith, it will cost you anywhere from $80 – $100. If you buy a generic one from the locksmith, that will cost you an additional $20 to $30.

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Some Key Fob Related Problems & Troubleshooting Tips

Battery issues:

If there are battery issues, the first thing you can do is to remove the battery and install it once again.

Due to some residue, dirt, or other contaminants, the battery might not be integrated into the circuit appropriately.

Reinstalling it once again will ensure that the battery is well-connected with the circuit, and in most cases, this will fix the problem.

Keyless entry system issues:

If the problem is with the keyless entry system, there are a few ways to override that system. The basic way is to use a mechanical key. Most key fobs provided by car manufacturers have an identity inside the fob itself. You can refer to the manual to extract that key.

If you do not have access to the same, you can hire a locksmith to get a mechanical crafted key.

Chrysler 300 key fob not working after battery replacement – why?

If the Chrysler 300 key fob is not working after replacing the battery, there might be a programming issue. You have to refer to the manual and reprogram the key fob to reset it. Most likely, it will start working after the reprogramming.

Chrysler 300 key won’t unlock the door – why?

Usually, this happens when the battery is dead or the keyless entry system of the car malfunctions. First, you have to replace the battery as it is the cheapest solution and after that, if Chrysler 300 still won’t unlock, refer to the solution for the keyless entry system malfunction above.

Chrysler 300 key not detected and won’t start – why?

In this case, the circuitry inside the key fob might have been damaged. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do in that case. You will have to think about getting a new key fob.

Chrysler 300 key fob not working in cold weather – why?

Usually, batteries malfunction at extremely cold temperatures. However, replacing the existing fob with an older one will likely solve this problem.

Chrysler 300 key fob not working even after hard reset – why?

If the Chrysler 300 key fob doesn’t work, even after a hard reset, you will have no other alternative but to replace it altogether. This will cost you extra, but that is the only solution.

2 thoughts on “Chrysler 300 Key Fob Not Working (7 Reasons + Repair Tips)

  1. 2018 Chrysler 300 limited, key fob locks and unlocks doors and trunk even remote starts the car but won’t actually start the car so I can drive it

    1. It could be a security system glitch with the immobilizer, or a safety feature like the car not being in park or the brake not pressed. A dead main battery, loose battery cables, or even a failing starter motor are also possibilities. Check your manual for troubleshooting tips. Try a spare key fob if you have one. If none of these basics work, a mechanic or dealership can pinpoint the issue with the immobilizer, security system, or other electrical components.

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