How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Car Heater? (Know It Now)

car heater repair cost

When commuting during winter and then your car heater suddenly stops, It can be stressful. Not having a working heater could become a painful situation.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Car Heater?

Average Cost To Repair Car Heater

Car Heater ProblemRepair Cost
Malfunctioning Fan Problem$300-$600
Faulty Thermostat$140-$300
Inadequate Coolant$150-$400
Failing Heater Core$1030-$1300
Faulty Heater Fan$130-$200
Damaged Heater Hose$200-$250

What Can Be The Problems Associated With Car Heater?

Malfunctioning Fan Motor: 

A fan motor in your car is responsible for blowing air over the heater core. When this happens, air will be conditioned, and it will flow all over your car ductwork.

There are two reasons why your car fan motor can fail. The engine could have a burnt fuse inside the fan blower circuitry, or the fan could be fried and replaced.

When your car develops any of these problems, you can conduct some basic diagnostic checks and look at the fan motor to determine its receiving power. Suppose it has power, then the blower motor could be burnt.

Replacing your car’s AC fan motor could cost you about $300 to $600.

Faulty Thermostat: 

The role of a thermostat in the car engine is to control the coolant circulation. The thermostat normally stops the coolant circulation when you start your car engine and then heats up quickly. In the process, the engine and all the components warm up faster.

When your car thermostats begin to have problems, they will not hold back the coolant; consequently, it takes longer for the heated air to circulate inside the car.

When your car develops a thermostat problem, a professional mechanic will charge you between $140 to $300. A thermostat unit cost between $20 and $80 depending on the type of vehicle one owns.

Inadequate Coolant: 

Your car heating system will fail to operate when the coolant levels are extremely low. Normally, when there is a shortage of coolant within your car system, it means you will have little fluid to heat the heater core.

When this problem is ignored, other complications will develop. Therefore, it would be best to ensure that your car has enough coolant levels all the time.

Occasionally, it would be best if you flushed the coolant to extend the life of your vehicle heating modules.

Depending on your location, maintaining your car’s coolant sensor level will cost you around $150 to $400.

Failing Heater Core: 

In most cases, when your car heater develops a complication, the issue is the leaks happening. When the heater core is leaking, it cannot provide sufficient heat. It will also affect the coolant. Therefore, when you notice your car coolant pooling on the floorboard, you need to replace the heater core.

The cost of replacing a failing heater core will depend on many factors such as labor cost, location, taxes, and fees.

Labor cost ranges from $591 to $745. The components parts range from $439 and $ 557 before you include other charges.

Faulty Heater fan: 

While you may be getting hot coolant and antifreeze inside your car into the heater core, the heater fan that is responsible for blowing heat into your car cabin can break or develop an electrical short.

When you want to replace your faulty car blower, it will range between $50 and $100. Most car blower motors are located at the dash underneath the glove box. Installing them will cost from $80-$100.

Damaged Heater Hose: 

This component works to transport heated coolant to or from the heater core. When it experiences damage, it will leak, and the body will not receive the necessary heated coolant for its normal operation. Therefore, the center will not be able to provide warm air to your car cabin.

When your car heater hose is damaged, causing linkages, replacing it will cost you about $150. Prices may vary depending on which mechanic you take your car for service and the kind of car you drive. Labor costs may range about $100 and parts about $50.

Does The Repairing Cost Vary With Brands?

Car heater repair costs may vary from one brand to another. There are different brands that you can find in the market. Each manufacturer charges differently for their products for luxury cars and common cars.

Is It Good To Fix Or Replace A Car Heater?

Your car heater could be having some issues which are easy to set. Therefore this type of problem you can fix at home. When the problem is a complex one that needs the assistance of a mechanic, you need to take it for proper check and diagnosis to an auto repair shop.

When you repair your car heater by yourself, you will only pay the cost of the new parts that you purchase.

But when the problem is complex, requiring the services of a professional, you will end with a bill of around $800-$1,000.

Where Can I Fix A Car Heater?

You can look for your area auto repair shops and check if they can fix your car heater problem. Most dealers have websites where you can search online ask for references from your friends and relatives.

Can I fix A Car Heater Myself?

Yes, you can. When your car heater develops an issue, you don’t need to worry. Some problems can be resolved within 20 minutes to 2 hours using simple tools, and the heater will work fine.

Before you troubleshoot your car heating system, it would be best to know how it operates and the different types of malfunctions that might affect it to know where to look into it.

Common problems affect a coolant, malfunctioning thermostats, malfunctioning fan motor, insufficient coolant, damaged heater hose, and damaged heater hose.

When you look into these hints problems, you can solve any challenge they present when the issue is more complex than when you will need the services of an expert.

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