Can Autozone Turn OFF Check Engine Light? (Know It Now!)

will autozone turn off check engine light

AutoZone is one of the most trusted car repair specialists on the market today. Many people will take their vehicles to AutoZone in an attempt to fix some of the common problems.

Can AutoZone Turn Off Check Engine Light?

Autozone can turn off the check engine light. They would first find the problem that is causing the check engine light to turn on. Secondly, they would fix the problem. And hence, fixing the problem would turn off the check engine light.

Finding The Problem

The first thing mechanics at AutoZone would do is to determine what is wrong with your vehicle. Depending on the vehicle display, it would either give you a basic check engine light or you would see an error code displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle. The main thing would be identifying the causation of the issue.

With the help of an OBD scanner, mechanics can help determine the main cause of the problem. Once the code is identified, you can start looking at the problem and have it fixed. Once you fix the problem identified by the check engine light, it should automatically turn the light off when everything is fixed.

Fixing The Problem

Depending on where you live, you might be forced to fix the problem. In many US States, it is considered illegal to turn the check engine light off unless you are the mechanic responsible for fixing the problem or making the repair. In many cases, the light would turn off automatically when you find and fix the problem.

Turning Off The Light

Once you have identified the problem and a certified mechanic has fixed the issue, the check engine light might turn off automatically. However, many vehicles are not designed to do this and require a mechanic to do this. Since many vehicles are now electrically powered with a console display, you can use the OBD scanner to turn off the light. However, you should allow your mechanic to do this when needed.

Does AutoZone Charge Money For Turning Off The Check Engine Light?

As mentioned, turning off your check engine light is not as straightforward as it might seem for many people. Having tested a few repair shops that also make use of the OBD scanner, they would typically charge you around $150 to turn off the check engine light. However, a few things could influence the price.

Fixing The Cause Of The Problem

When you visit an AutoZone or reputable mechanic, you could have a hard time asking them to turn the light off. One of the main reasons for this is liability. Should something serious go wrong and you accidentally hit someone or get into an accident, the company turning off the light could be held liable.

One thing most mechanics would suggest is fixing the problem before they turn the light off. Unfortunately, this is where things could become very expensive. Depending on what has happened to your vehicle and what needs to be fixed, it could significantly increase the price of simply turning off the light.

Reading Error Codes

Various stores will have various prices when it comes to reading the error codes on your vehicle. However, one of the benefits of using AutoZone is that they often read your codes for free, which could save you plenty of money. Keep in mind this does not mean that if they read it for free, they would also turn it off.

Once again, the liability factor comes into play and the law in certain states. You could have a minor issue that is easy to fix, which means you could pay as little as $200 to have the codes fixed and removed. Having your vehicle fixed by an experienced and reputable mechanic might be one of the best things you can do to resolve all problems.

Faulty Engine Sensor

I should mention that your vehicle is not always correct. There have been many cases where the check engine light simply comes on when it shouldn’t. This could be due to a faulty sensor. Yes, your check engine light works by relying on a variety of sensors throughout the engine. These sensors will pick up if anything is damaged.

A faulty sensor could be responsible for turning on the light, but even if this is the case, you should have it repaired. If something severe does go wrong and your check engine sensors are not working, you could be driving with the vehicle when something serious is wrong. Fixing these sensors is often cheap and your mechanic should turn off the light when everything is fixed.

Light Turn Off

Occasionally, you might find an auto repair store where it is possible to have your check engine light reset. The prices for these would vary and could cost you as much as $150. However, it is not the best idea to have it turned off when you have a lingering problem with the vehicle. I would recommend fixing the problem first and the check engine light might turn off automatically, signaling the vehicle is in the best condition.

Why Does The Check Engine Light Turn On?

You will often get one or two different types of check engine lights appearing on your display. The first one is the solid check engine light. The solid check engine light is often seen as an OBD2 code, which needs to be read.

The solid check engine light often indicates a minor issue and could easily be fixed. Things like low oil and a lack of coolant in the engine are often common culprits. These issues can be fixed at home and you will notice the check engine light disappear in many cases. Your mechanic should not have any issues when it comes to turning off these lights.

The one we all fear is the blinking or flashing check engine light, which often indicates something more severe. Manufacturers have made it possible to blink, which means it is constantly seen on the display and it is an indication of how serious the issue is.

A blinking light is often an indication of a misfire, which means that something severe is wrong with the engine. A blinking check engine light is associated with the form of a misfire happening inside the engine. The problem with this is that if you continue driving the vehicle, you could be aggravating the possible issues. It is best to stop the vehicle and fix the problem.

What Should I Do If The Check Engine Light Comes On?

As mentioned in the previous section, a check engine light is an indication that something severe or minor could be wrong with the engine. While a solid light is something you can continue to drive with, it is often not recommended that you do this. However, a solid light could mean something minor and easily fixable is wrong.

The best course of action for a check engine light would be to visit your local mechanic. The mechanic would help to diagnose the problem with the help of an OBD scanner, which should narrow down the possibilities. Your mechanic would indicate whether it is safe to continue driving the vehicle or if emergency repairs are needed.

Since anything could go wrong with your vehicle if you do not heed the warning of a check engine light, it would be best if you find the problem and have it fixed. I would recommend asking your mechanic what needs to be done for you to fix the check engine light flashing.

Can I Turn Off The Check Engine Light Myself?

If you are sure that you don’t have any issues or you believe that the check engine light is faulty, there are a few ways you can turn it off at home. This would save you around $150 that you would pay a mechanic to have them turn the light off. Here are the two main ways you can do it at home.

OBD Scanner

The OBD scanner is a tool used to check the codes on your vehicle if something severe is wrong with the car. If you have your own OBD scanner, you can determine the fault codes and it would enable you to fix the problem manually. Additionally, the OBD scanner will allow you to turn the light off using this tool.

Disconnecting The Battery

The battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle and it is responsible for powering the electrical components of your vehicle. By disconnecting the battery, you would essentially kill all the electrical factors influencing your car. Once you reconnect the battery, you might find that the light turns off. However, it would quickly come back on if you have something severe wrong with the car.

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