Anti Theft Light Blinking In Honda, Ford, Acura, Toyota

anti theft light blinking in honda accord pilot & civic, ford fusion escape and explorer, acura mdx & tl, dodge avenger

The anti-theft light blink is crucial for the safety of your car. It can also protect your vehicle against unforeseen losses from malicious people and hail damages. If your vehicle is precious, you will need to work well to keep it safe. For your alarm to be in good working condition, you need to ensure that your vehicle’s anti-theft light is in good condition and blinking correctly.

Why Is My Anti Theft Light Keep Blinking?

  • When you notice your car’s anti-theft light blinking, it is normal for it also indicates when your car is off to show a warning that your car alarm is active.
  • The light will blink whether you lock your car or it’s unlocked, so long as your vehicle ignition is in the off position.
  • When your vehicle has faulty switches, or something goes wrong within the engine part, it can also turn the antitheft lights on.

Reasons Why Security Light Is Supposed to Blink

The security light in your vehicle needs to blink even when you switch your vehicle off. These lights are essential to indicate if something is an issue in your car.

Here are reasons why it should be blinking periodically.

A red light blinking in your car is for security indication. When it is active, it will alert you when someone tries to steal your vehicle, or something touches any part of the vehicle when you have parked it. It is an emergency alarm to keep your precious investment safe from theft. It is designed to detect attempted robbery.

Your vehicle antitheft light should flash periodically to show that your vehicle security system is engaged and active. Once you have locked your car’s door, it should engage automatically.

The lights may blink on your car dashboard and then stays on. If you notice one of the lights on your dashboard behaving flashing and staying on, there could be a problem with a particular system that the light is tied to. Therefore, you need to check the engine light to confirm a misfire somewhere or if the oxygen sensors are working correctly.

When your vehicle indicates blue or green light on the dashboard, you need to be aware of an active system like air conditioning or headlights.

A yellow or orange blink indicates that your vehicle needs servicing. Therefore, you need to take it for inspection or servicing to replace some components.

Issues of Anti-Theft Light Blinking

When the security light is illuminated, the anti-theft deterrent may be affected and therefore not operate properly. The problem might develop when you turn on your vehicle.

When all doors in your car are not closed, the system may not work correctly. It would be best to close them all for the codes to activate and start to indicate.

When your car’s security remote system has a low battery, it may affect the regular operation of the security system, and it may lose its crucial memory. Damaged immobilizers chips may impact your car antitheft device to operate correctly.

When you move your car steering wheel after turning your car off, it may lock your car wheels, and they will not move when you try to switch your car on. Try to move, pulling your car in that direction or pushing it towards that opposite direction for it to budge.

The key could also be the issue affecting your car antitheft system not to operate. Ensure that it doesn’t have damaged parts or broken ones. If your key isn’t working, try your spare key. If nothing happens, take them to your dealer to check their transmission issues.

Theft Light Blinking When Car Is Off – Why?

When you’ve left your car ignition in the OFF position, it will flash once after every 2 seconds indicating the security lock system is working as a theft deterrent. On the other hand, when the ignition is left in the RUN position, it will glow for about 3 seconds to indicate the system is functioning normally.

If you notice your security system is flashing rapidly or the glow is steady when the ignition is in the run position, please take it for servicing at your authorized dealer.

Theft Light Blinking Car Won’t Start – why?

When your car theft light is blinking, and the vehicle isn’t starting, it means your antitheft system could have been tripped, making your vehicle not start. Your car key could have lost its programming, the locks might not be reading your car key, or you could have activated your immobilizer system.

When you notice these challenges, the first thing to check is the car battery. It could be dead, low, or need to be charged. As a result, it’s affecting the car system, making it impossible to read the security codes. Check the connection if they are well connected.

It would help if you also tried another key. The one you are using could have issues. If the second key does not work, take it to the dealer to check why it is not transmitting. Further, you need to follow the relearn procedures system to check which components have been replaced.

Why is my antitheft light blinking fast?

Someone could have tempered with the security password. The security codes are usually protected from anyone else to reset them. Therefore, you need an IDS program with your security pass. You will have to call a locksmith to look into it or have your car towed to your dealer.

The chip and the internal battery could have developed some problems causing failure. You will have to identify your car key style and your vehicle’s specific system. Then right-click and key it in a new tab to view.

Theft light blinking while driving – why?

The antitheft light in your car may become active when your vehicle has a dead key fob battery, and your car system is not disabled. You can sort this problem by ensuring that the battery on your key fob is fixed correctly. Also, ensure that you check your car door lock cylinder.

Anti theft light blinking on the radio – why?

When the antitheft light is blinking on your radio, it indicates that it will not work when someone tries to remove the radio from your car.

How do I get rid of flashing theft lights?

To disable the flashing theft light in your car, insert your car key into the ignition and turn it on. It will activate your car accessories but not the engine. Confirm if the antitheft light has stopped blinking. If it has stopped, turn the key over to an off position and leave it for some minutes.

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