10 Reasons VW Lane Assist Not Working (Fixed)

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This report from Transport Research Laboratory differentiates between Lane Departure Warning and Lane Change Assistant mechanisms. But they all achieve the same goal. They reduce accidents.

Lane assist systems consist of a forward-facing camera, a steering feature, and a breaking component. They perform the following tasks:

  • The system takes note of the white and yellow lines that separate the lanes.
  • The system warns you when you begin to drift out of your lane.
  • The system can adjust the steering, sending the vehicle back to the center.

Lane Assist cannot drive your car. It won’t actively steer the machine. Rather, it will nudge the vehicle back into the correct lane. This helps drivers that usually drift into the wrong lane because of inexperience, illness, or fatigue.

Glass Doctor has noted that some drivers cannot remain alert at all times, especially if they’ve driven long trips. Eventually, exhaustion will sap their concentration, leading to accidents. The evidence proves that Lane Assist saves lives.

Insurance Institute For Highway Safety report in 2017 concluded that lane departure warning systems could have prevented 85,000 crashes in 2015 if every US driver added Lane Assist mechanisms to their vehicle.

Additionally, the Intelligent Transporation Systems Joint Program Office found that crashes had fallen by 11 percent because of lane departure warning systems. For that reason, you shouldn’t ignore a VW Lane Assist system that stops working. The following may explain the malfunctions you’ve observed:

  • Dirty Sensors

Lane Assist cannot track the lines on the road if dirt and debris obscure the cameras and sensors. When was the last time you cleaned them?

  • Poor Weather

Dirt and debris are not the only elements that obscure the sensors and cameras. Watch out for weather conditions such as snow, fog, and rain that disrupt the Lane Assist’s work.

  • Obscured Sensors

Some people unintentionally interfere with the VW Lane Assist’s functions by attaching stickers and flyers to the windows, sensors, and cameras. Again, this prevents the Lane Assist mechanism from tracking the lines on the road.

  • Damaged Cameras

The sensors and cameras can sustain damage because of extreme weather, vandalism, surges, and the like. These devices can also fail because of organic wear and tear.

  • Inactive Lane Assist

Did you turn the VW Lane Assist system on? Or maybe you accidentally turned it off? What does the display say? Have you checked the manual? Some drivers don’t know how to activate Lane Assist because they’ve never encountered the technology.

Unfortunately, some mechanics won’t tell you that your Lane Assist was off. They will fabricate a fault and charge you the full price for repairs even though they merely turned the Lane Assist on. This is why the manual is so important.

Watch the below video to turn on the Volkswagen lane assist!

  • Slow Speed

How fast are you going? It isn’t enough to turn Lane Assist on. According to Car Wow UK, you must stay above 35 to 40mph for Lane Assist to work. Don’t be surprised that Lane Assist has stopped working if the vehicle’s speed keeps dipping below the manual’s recommended threshold.

  • Using The Turn Signal

Timmons Volkswagen says Lane Assist only works when you drift into a new lane without using the turn signal. In other words, Lane Assist won’t say anything if you use the turn signal, as every experienced driver tends to do.

Therefore, if you usually apply the turn signal before switching lanes, Lane Assist works as expected. It is supposed to stay silent during such instances.

  • No Lane Assist

Maybe you don’t have Lane Assist. The system doesn’t appear in every VW model. If you bought a used VW, perhaps the previous owner removed the system.

  • Unclear Markings

Some roads are poor. They are uneven or littered with potholes. Sometimes, the lane markings are unclear. These environments are a challenge for modern vehicles with lane-keeping technology.

  • Too Many Turns

Lane Assist works poorly on roads with numerous twists, turns, and curves. You cannot trust the system to accurately track the car’s position on the road.

Troubleshooting Tips For VW Lane Assist Not Working

  • Turn Lane Assist on. Sheehy Volkswagen recommends pressing the car button and going to ‘Setup’ before selecting ‘Assistance Systems.’ But you should check the manual to determine the best way to activate Lane Assist for your model.
  • Stay above the speed recommended in the manual (typically 40 miles per hour).
  • Don’t rely on this system on roads that don’t have clear lane markings.
  • Find the sensor and clean it. Once again, you should check the manual. It will show you where to find the sensor. The location may vary with each model. 22 Tiguan SE R Line Black vehicle’s sensor is on the grill, specifically behind the VW emblem.
  • Clean the windows and windshield. Remove obstructions such as stickers and flyers.
  • Don’t drive in poor weather. If you must drive in extreme conditions, don’t rely on Lane Assist.
  • Replace defective sensors and cameras. Let the dealership perform this task. They have the equipment required to calibrate new sensors. Ask them to reseat and recalibrate the old sensor before they replace it.
  • You may require a new steering wheel. The dealership can perform these repairs and replacements for free if you have a warranty.
  • Don’t forget to update your firmware.
  • Make sure the vehicle has lane assist. If the car is new, the manual will provide this information. If you bought a used car, ask the dealership to confirm the presence of a Lane Assist mechanism. If the system is absent, the dealership can install it, assuming you want it.

It should be noted that Lane Assist technology is far from perfect. According to Drive.com, the mechanism is inconsistent and potentially dangerous. Lane Assist cannot substitute careful driving.

Apply caution at all times. You cannot implicitly trust Lane Assist to keep you safe in every situation.

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