5 Reasons Nissan Maxima Speedometer Not Working

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The speedometer is one of the simplest tools your car uses to collect data. However, it carries plenty of weight for the functionality of the car. The speedometer is commonly used for keeping an eye on the speed you are traveling at. However, manual cars also use it as an indicator of when to shift gears.

Additionally, your speedometer is valuable when tracking the mileage of the car as well. You will often need to keep a close eye on the mileage to ensure that you don’t skip your service plan. Essentially, the speedometer serves to protect you from speeding fines and keeping up with car maintenance.

You often find two types of speedometers, which is the analog (mechanical) speedometer and the digital (electronic) speedometer. Both of these are useful, but the modernized electronic version does have more accuracy and better data tracking. You are likely to find a digital speedometer in more modern cars, or high-end models.

Speedometers are not a common car part that often fails. Since it does not have such a massive workload, you could drive your car for 200,000 or even more miles and not experience any issues. However, there are a few things that could cause it to fail. Here are the main causes of the Nissan Maxima speedometer not working:

1. Faulty Speed Sensor

Your speedometer works with numerous other parts in your car. One of these is the speed sensor, which measures the speed at which the wheels are turning. The speed sensor is what causes the needle on the speedometer to move.

If your speed sensor has failed, you would be unable to determine the current speed of the vehicle. Since people are not the best judge of speed, it is better to visit your dealership. Unfortunately, it is such a complicated part to locate, that fixing it at home can be tricky for most people.

It is also fixed to the onboard computer of the car, which allows it to transfer and capture the data of the speeds you are traveling at. This makes it one of the most complicated fixes.

2. Broken Gear On The Speedometer

The speedometer works by using gears that move the needle. Whilst a broken needle is nothing to worry about, it does hinder the needle from moving. This is such a small component that reaching it can be one of the most tedious jobs you will ever need to do.

If the gear is broken on the speedometer, it will be almost impossible to pinpoint. As a rule of thumb, when your speedometer fails to work, you should immediately take your Nissan Maxima to a qualified mechanic. On the upside, this is one of the faster fixes and you should have your car back the same day, barring any other complications.

3. Damaged Wiring

In modern vehicles, there are tons of wires that move through the car. Most of these wires are connected to the fuse box and onboard computer. Much as the brain sends signals to different parts of your body, the wiring does the same for your car.

One of the problems with wires is that they often lack durability and they can easily be damaged. You might have been driving a bumpy rode or any other tough road, which rattles lose some of the internal wirings.

Fortunately, those skilled at the wiring of cars should be able to find this fix when following the wire back to the fuse box or computer. If you are unsure of how the wiring works, you might need to visit a mechanic to assist you with the process.

4. Faulty ECU (Engine Control Unit)

The engine control unit does exactly what the name implies. The main purpose of this component is to serve as the brain for your car. Any knob you turn or button you press sends a signal to the ECU. The ECU then sends the signals to the designated areas, which allows the car to perform a specific function.

When you encounter programming faults or even issues with the ECU, it could significantly affect your vehicle performance. Not only does it cut the communications with the engine and components, but the car doesn’t perform the actions that you ask of it.

Your speedometer might also be suffering from some internal problems with the ECU. This might require as little as a software update on modern cars. However, it could also be a sign of a bigger problem like an ECU not working the way it should. Fortunately, you will be able to rely on your mechanics to fix the problem.

5. Physical Damage To Speedometer

The physical damage to the speedometer can also be frustrating. Fortunately, this is rare and only happens when you have been in an accident or when you have purposely damaged the unit.

Physical damage will need to be repaired by a qualified mechanic, who might need to make use of spare parts. It can be expensive and physical damage is often accompanied by additional damage to other components.

What Should I Do If My Nissan Maxima Speedometer Is Not Working?

If you are dealing with a stuck speedometer or one that simply doesn’t want to turn over, you will need to have it fixed. Driving without a solid speedometer will risk going over the speed limit, which could get you fined. Additionally, you will be unaware of the actual speed at which your car is traveling.

I would recommend taking the car to the dealership or any certified mechanic. They should be able to dissect the issue and pinpoint what could be causing the fault. Since many of the components related to the speedometer are so intricate, it is hard for most people to fix the unit at home.

However, those trying to fix it at home should consider starting with the ECU. With the use of an OBD-II scanner, you should be able to find out what the issue is. However, this is only when it is an electronic issue that runs through the ECU.

It would be best to have the car checked out and most fixes for the speedometer will be cheaper than $1,000. This might still not be cheap but could save you plenty of costs on speeding fines and even a possible accident.

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