Kia Blind Spot Not Working (Faulty Sensor, Software Glitch)

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The blind spot detection system is a relatively new invention, at least in comparison to other renowned automotive mechanisms. Wikipedia traces the system to the late 1990s and early 2000s. If blind spot detection is new to you, and you don’t understand why this system has stopped working in your Kia, this is what you should know:

What Is A Blind Spot?

A blind spot is an area within a car’s vicinity you can’t see through the rear and side-view mirrors.

Many accidents happen because one vehicle tries to overtake while inside another vehicle’s blind spot. Some large trucks have stickers in their blind spots warning motorists and pedestrians in those areas that they are invisible to the driver.

AA Driving School wants consumers to keep pillar driving spots in mind. These are blind spots that manifest because of the car’s design. For instance, the pillars around the windows can easily obscure your view of cars at the back and on either side of your Kia.

How Does Blind Spot Detection Work?

Modern vehicles have radar sensors at the back that generate radio waves. Those radio waves return after reflecting off of objects. This allows the sensors to determine the size and proximity of objects in the vicinity.

You have a slave module that talks to a master module after detecting objects in the car’s blindspot. Then the master module communicates with the other components, including the mechanisms that trigger the warning light.

Does Blind Spot Detection Work?

One paper in the Journal of Physics (Conference Series) asserts that vehicle detection algorithms are highly accurate and the rate of false alarms is incredibly low. They only stumble at night.

A Traffic Injury Prevention study (Volume 19, 2018) also noted that blind spot monitoring had reduced lane-change crashes by 14 percent, which supports the conclusion above. However, USA Today has an article discouraging drivers from overestimating the capabilities of blind spot detection systems.

First of all, like all electronic systems, blind spot detection can fail. Secondly, these mechanisms are not as comprehensive as people think. They have severe limitations.

Don’t stop checking the rear and side-view mirrors.

What Are The Limitations of Blind Spot Detection Systems?

What makes you think Kia’s blind spot functions have stopped working? Is it because the system has failed to detect other vehicles in Kia’s blind spot? Don’t be so quick to assume that your car has a fault.

Blind spot detection has several limitations, many of which drivers rarely consider. These mechanisms are vulnerable to the following:

  • Bad weather, such as heavy snow and rain.
  • Debris from the road, such as dirt, snow, and salt.
  • High or low temperatures
  • Obstructions such as ramps and tollgates.
  • Road pavements with metallic components.
  • Fixed objects such as street lamps, guardrails, tunnels, and walls.
  • Narrow roads with trees and tall grass.

This Kia guide has a complete list of all the concerns you should keep in mind. It notes that blind spot detection may fail when you drive on a curved road. It won’t see the car in the next lane. The same challenges arise when you transition between lanes with different heights.

One of the most important considerations is the speed. You must drive at a specific speed for the detection system to work. This Kia-Forums thread has a manual noting that a blind spot system only works when you exceed 18.6MPH.

The system won’t alert you if the other vehicle’s speed exceeds yours by 6MPH or more. Expect a similar response if you pass the other car too quickly. As you can see, blind spot detection is not perfect. This is why experts encourage drivers to keep their eyes on the road. Blind spot detection should supplement your senses. It shouldn’t replace them.

Why Is Kia Blind Spot Not Working?

Kia blind spot is not working because of the following:

  • This system uses sensors to detect other cars and objects. Therefore, it won’t work when those sensors fail.
  • The system uses a computer to alert you when it identifies objects in your blind spot. Naturally, a software glitch will disrupt the system’s operations.
  • Blind spot detection works with your side mirrors. They can sustain damage, which prevents the system from alerting you when it detects cars and objects in your blind spot.
  • You might have turned the blind spot detection function off.

How Do You Fix A Kia Blind Spot Not Working?

What symptoms have you noticed? Drivers usually make the following observations:

  • Cars will either flash a light in the mirror or generate a beeping sound when they detect objects in your blind spot. If the blind spot detection system refuses to signal you, something has gone wrong.
  • In some cars, the flashing lights and beeping sounds won’t go off. You can’t see any obstructions, but the warnings have persisted.
  • The car will warn you that its blind spot detection has stopped working by displaying a message on the dashboard.

But how do you respond to the following symptoms? What can you do to fix a blind spot detection system that doesn’t work? Drivers typically experiment with the following solutions:

  • Check the manual. What does it say about the speed limit? Make sure you maintain the range within which blind spot detection works. The system won’t respond if the speed is too high or too low.
  • Take the car to a mechanic to fix a sensor that doesn’t work. It isn’t a simple matter of replacing the sensor. Sometimes, the vehicle has an electrical fault. You need a mechanic to troubleshoot the car’s electrical system. They will tighten loose connections, fix damaged wiring, and replace loose or blown fuses.
  • If you have some technical expertise, inspect the sensors. If you’re lucky, these components are merely loose or poorly installed. If you have confidence in your abilities, re-install them. The Kia’s manual will show you what to do.
  • Blind Spot Monitor recommends a recalibration. This means changing the system’s settings to match the car’s unique requirements and the conditions on the road.
  • Take the Kia to a dealership and ask them to perform a reset. They can troubleshoot and repair the software. A conventional mechanic cannot help you here. They don’t know enough to diagnose a software problem. They can try disconnecting the battery to reset the electrical system. But you still need a dealership to calibrate the blind spot detection system.
  • Clean the mirrors with water and vinegar.
  • People ignore the mud, dirt, and leaves they see on their cars. That is a mistake because those objects obstruct the sensors. Remove them.
  • Connect an OBDII scanner to the diagnostic port. The scanner will identify error codes. Laypeople can use OBD scanners. But they need an expert to interpret the error codes and apply the relevant solutions.

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