5 Reasons Kia Audio Not Working (Fixed!)

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While dead audio is not an emergency, it can frustrate you, especially if you drive long journeys and typically rely on the radio or CD player to keep you occupied. But why would Kia’s audio stop work? The following may explain this phenomenon:

1). The Car Has A Software Error

Modern cars are highly sophisticated. Unfortunately, the advanced functions they offer make them vulnerable to crippling glitches. For instance, can you connect your phone to the car’s speakers via Bluetooth?

The system will interrupt the audio whenever you receive a phone call. Depending on your model, the system may continue to mute the audio even though the call ended because you forgot to hang up by pressing the button on the steering wheel.

Fortunately, those errors have simple solutions. You can’t say the same for a software glitch because it is more challenging to identify. Does the fault lie with the Bluetooth connection? Is your phone to blame?

If your phone is connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth, disabling the connection to the car may solve the problem. You can also restart your phone to resolve simple glitches.

Did you forget to update the vehicle’s firmware? You should answer these questions and more before hiring a professional.

2). The Radio Is Busted

Radios break all the time. They can easily last the car’s lifespan. However, they may fail because of external factors, such as surges, exposure to moisture, and poor handling.

Defective radios may warn you before failing. Watch for distorted sounds, cracks on the speaker cones, burn marks, etc.

If you have an auxiliary input or CD player, turn them on. If the sound works, the radio is the problem. If the audio fails to respond, the fault lies elsewhere.

How To Fix It?

  • Find the radio’s fuse and diagnose it with a multimeter or test light. Replace a dead fuse.
  • Remove the radio from its slot and check the wiring. Make sure the pigtail connector is secure and replace it where necessary. Sometimes, unplugging the connector (and any adapters) and reconnecting it can solve the problem.
  • If a multimeter shows a voltage drop at the radio, check the hot wires and replace them if you notice signs of damage. Make sure these cables have a firm connection to the radio.
  • Inspect the ground. It should be rust-free and firmly connected.
  • Replace a defective head unit.
  • If you expose the radio to water, remove the wet components and dry them with a hair dryer.

3). The Mute Button Is Stuck

You can turn the volume down or mute the speakers, killing the sound completely. Find the volume dial and mute buttons to confirm that your Kia’s audio is truly dead. Otherwise, you may hire an expensive mechanic when you simply forgot to increase the volume.

You only require an expert’s assistance in such a situation when the volume dial or mute button sticks.

How To Fix It?

This goes without saying. Play with the volume buttons. Try raising and lowering the volume. Use the manual to identify the mute button. You should also find out whether the Kia has another function that controls the volume.

For instance, you can mute the speakers in some cars using a voice command. If you’re unaware of this function, you may use it accidentally.

4). The Sound Amplifier Has Failed

Like the radio, the sound amplifier can easily last thirty or more years, but only in ideal conditions. Unfortunately, the conditions in a car are not always ideal. You may expose the amplifier to rodents, electrical surges, water, excess heat, and more.

How To Fix It?

  • Waterproof the amplifier.
  • Place baffles on the speakers to defend them from water.
  • Remove the cone and dry it with a towel if it gets wet.
  • If the cone sustains damage, try fixing it with glue.
  • You should consider replacing the speaker if excess heat has destroyed sensitive components, such as the voice coil.
  • Use compressed air to remove dust.
  • If the audio had deteriorated before the speakers stopped working, replace the foam ring.

5). The Fuse Is Dead

Kia Sorento Audio Fuse (2016-2019)

Check the fuse box. The handbook will show you the fuse for the speakers, radio, and every other component related to the audio. Replacing the fuse is a temporary measure. What if it blows again?

Find out why the fuse blew. Potential culprits include short circuits, water damage, and frayed wiring.

How To Fix It?

  • Diagnosis

Use a test light to determine whether or not the fuse has blown. In the absence of a test light, a multimeter can work. Connect the probes to opposite ends of the fuse. A fuse with a zero reading is a dead fuse. Replace it.

  • A fuse can blow because it’s too small.

Pay attention to the amp rating. Otherwise, the replacement fuse will also blow if it cannot withstand your entertainment system’s electrical draw. On-All Cylinders have charts explaining fuse color codes and ratings if you need help selecting a replacement fuse.

  • Chaffing

This term refers to a situation where the hot wire rubs against a hard surface or the ground wire, causing a short circuit. The fuse will blow as a result. Expect similar results when a cable melts because of excess heat or when rodents chew through the insulation. Replace these wires before adding a new fuse. Otherwise, the new fuse will blow.

  • Water causes short circuits when it touches electrical components.

Look for signs of water damage, such as corrosion and dampness. Fix the leaks before proceeding.

Many mechanics start their troubleshooting process by testing the fuse terminal. This identifies a short to ground. Once they narrow the short to a specific section, they can perform a thorough inspection. But you need a wiring diagram.

Resetting To Fix Kia Car Audio

A reset can fix glitches and errors in most electronic devices. Car radios and speaker systems are no different. I recommend a hard reset. This means disconnecting the battery. Disconnecting the negative terminal is enough to achieve your objective.

Wait 15 to 30 minutes before reconnecting the battery. Unfortunately, this approach will reset every electronic component in your Kia, which is inconvenient. But what is the alternative?

This Kia-Forums discussion mentions a reset hole next to the radio or CD player. You can perform a reset by pushing a pin into this hole for ten or more seconds. Unplugging the connector plugs at the back of the radio achieves a similar objective, especially if you leave them unplugged for several minutes.

But the reset hole next to the radio is the most convenient option. If all else fails, take the car back to the dealership. Besides upgrading the firmware, they can connect a diagnostic scanner to check the error codes.

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