How Much Does A Key Fob Battery Cost?

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Coin batteries have a limited lifespan. Prominent types, such as the CR2032, have a 10-year shelf life. But they will last five years or less inside a key fob. What happens next? How much does a replacement battery cost?

FORD$5 – $10
BMW$5 – $10
HONDA$5 – $10
HYUNDAI$5 – $10

You’re looking at $5 – $10 for the average key fob, which seems lower than many laypeople expect. Keep in mind that key fobs use ordinary coin batteries. The same batteries in a car key fob will appear in a children’s toy, a watch, or even a TV remote.

It doesn’t take special materials or distinct chemical formulas to produce the energy that runs a key fob. Many consumers expect the following variables to alter the price tag:

  • Battery Type

The battery type doesn’t matter. Most key fobs use CR2032 or CR225. And again, these batteries appear in other gadgets. They are not unique. The battery type will not influence the price tag significantly. You can get a pack with multiple battery types for $10.

  • Brand

The brand is the deciding factor where the price is concerned. Some brands are more expensive than others because they have stronger reputations. Additionally, their manufacturers use higher-quality raw materials, producing a longer-lasting product.

For instance, Energizer and Duracell are expensive brands. Laypeople flock to Kirkland because the batteries are cheaper despite lasting as long as their Duracell counterparts. Although, Wired performed some basic calculations, which showed that Duracell and Energizer are worth every penny because of their energy and capacity.

  • Seller

Naturally, the seller matters. Retailer prices tend to vary depending on where they got their inventory, the taxes they encountered along the way, and variables such as the rent in the area. This is why many laypeople prefer to purchase batteries online.

Dealerships and repair shops seem like a sensible source of key fob batteries. But they may add hidden fees to your invoice. You’re better off sticking with a retailer you trust.

Installation And Programming Costs

Anyone can replace a key fob battery. In fact, most people perform this task themselves. The process typically involves the following:

  • Remove the key from the fob. With some vehicles, you can slide the key to one side. Others expect you to extract it entirely.
  • Find a slot or notch in the fob and use it to pry the case open. Do this gently. Many key fobs have plastic shells that break if you apply too much pressure.
  • If you’ve never replaced a battery, take a picture of the fob after removing the case to remember the battery’s orientation. This is particularly important for batteries hidden beneath a circuit board.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the battery. Take note of the markings. They will show you the correct battery type to buy.
  • Insert the new battery and snap the case back into place.

The manual is your most important ally because it shows you how to access the battery. Don’t expect every key fob to require the same procedure. This is why some people hire experts to perform the replacement. They tend to face the following challenges:

  • Some drivers are scared of breaking the key fob and for a good reason. Some key fobs are incredibly expensive. One example is the BMW i8, whose key fob costs a minimum of $1,000. The average consumer would lose their mind if they broke such a costly item.
  • Some key fobs are too complex for the layperson to open. Luxuo has mentioned the Senturion diamond studded key, which sits around your wrist like a watch. The key is a whopping $270,000. If you don’t understand the workings of a sophisticated key fob, you’re better off returning the item to the dealership. Let them perform the battery replacement.
  • Some batteries have tiny screws you can strip unless you apply caution.
  • Opening the case is relatively easy. But what if you can’t reassemble it? What if you pull the case apart, and the individual buttons escape? Why take the chance?

Before writing the dealership or repair shop off as a costly option, talk to them. Some repair shops are unnecessarily expensive.

While a new battery costs $5 or less, they may charge you $50 or more for their services.

However, many mechanics will only ask for the price of the new battery. They will perform the replacement for free because it takes a minute to complete. An expert eliminates the risks mentioned above. If they damage the key fob during the replacement process, they must replace it.

Where does programming fit? When do programming costs enter the picture? Surprisingly, they don’t.

If ProTech Advanced Locksmith Solutions are to be believed, you should expect this service to cost $50 – $250 depending on the fob type, vehicle brand, and model. However, you don’t program a key fob simply because you changed the battery. If a key fob stopped working after you changed the battery, you can blame one of the following:

  • The key is damaged. You dropped it, exposed it to water, left it in extreme conditions, etc.
  • The key fob has reached the end of its lifespan.
  • The buttons are stuck or loose.
  • The battery slot has damaged or corroded contacts.

Don’t rule out the car. The vehicle has receivers that communicate with the key fob. Any number of components in the car can fail, debilitating its ability to respond to the fob’s commands. That includes the receivers, sensors, and computers.

Take the fob to an expert. Let them determine whether the item was somehow deprogrammed. In the rare case that a fob needs programming, follow the manual’s instructions. But once again, the dealership is the safer alternative. Let them resolve the issue. For all you know, the fob requires a new circuit board.

Best Key Fob Battery Value For Money

New batteries require careful consideration, especially if you intend to get the best value for your money. Usually, experts look at the following:

  • The shelf life tells you how long the battery can remain in storage. This matters if you bought a pack of spare batteries. You need to know they will last long enough for you to use them.
  • The shape determines whether the battery can fit inside the device you want to run.
  • The capacity refers to the amount of energy the battery can hold. The larger the capacity, the longer the battery will last. The runtime is represented by the amp hours.
  • The voltage should match the electronic item’s electrical requirements. Some devices need multiple batteries.
  • The battery type influences the cost. For instance, lithium-ion batteries have higher price tags than lead-acid batteries. But lithium-ion batteries last longer. The higher price tag is worth the value you get.

You’ve probably noticed that dealerships and repair shops don’t consider these factors when selecting a key fob battery. This is because most key fob batteries have similar attributes. Manufacturers don’t care what brand you use so long as the voltage matches the fob’s needs.

The manual will also specify the battery type. It is worth remembering that key fob batteries are cheap. Therefore, laypeople don’t care about the value they offer or how long they last. After all, you can secure a pack of batteries for less than $5. You can afford to make frequent replacements.

Tips For Extending The Lifespan Of Key Fob Batteries And Minimizing Replacement Costs

  • Replace the battery yourself. This eliminates labor fees.
  • Find a dealership or repair shop that replaces the battery without charging additional fees.
  • If you have doubts about your ability to replace a dead battery, hire a mechanic. Otherwise, your costs will skyrocket if you damage the key fob in the process.
  • Use the battery type recommended in the manual. It will last longer.
  • Use reputable brands such as Energizer and Duracell. They are expensive, but they have longer lifespans.
  • Look at the back of the old battery before buying a replacement. The label on the old battery will show you the correct battery to get.
  • If you have a smart key, activate energy-saver mode to extend the battery’s life.
  • Don’t store the fob near the car. If you do, the fob will drain the battery by continuously communicating with the vehicle.
  • Keep the battery away from water and extreme temperatures.
  • Store spare batteries in a cool, dry, safe location.
  • Don’t store the fob next to strong appliances with powerful magnetic fields.

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