Why Is My Car Horn Sound Low? (With Troubleshooting Tips)

why is my car horn low

A car horn is often neglected and overlooked when it comes to its importance. However, it is a vital part of alerting people on the road. While many people use the car horn out of frustration, some use it for the intended purpose. A broken or low-sounding car horn can be frustrating and even dangerous on the road.

What Causes A Car Horn To Sound Weak?

Blown Fuse

Most modern cars are packed with electrical features, and a fuse often powers many of these components. A blown fuse could be the main reason for your low-sounding car horn. This should be an easy fix to replace the fuse.

Build Up On Wire Connector

A wire connector is responsible for connecting the car horn to some of the other electrical components. If rust and dirt build up on it, you will need to open it up for cleaning.

Relay Issue

It could often be a relay issue, and while you might find it hard to visually inspect the relay, these are cheap to replace. You should replace the relay box to see if it can fix the issue.

Airbags Have Expanded

If the airbags have issues, they might expand and create a buffer between the horn switch and the area where you press the horn. The airbag can be more daunting to figure out, but should not be the reason unless you have an accident.

Horn Switch Problem

Speaking of the horn switch, it is one of the components often overlooked, and it is located in the area where you press the horn. Diagnostics for this can be daunting, and you might need a mechanic to help with these electronic components.

Fault In Horn Itself

The horn itself can also be one of the issues, and you might need to check this if all else fails. To check the hooter, you will need to connect a jumper wire to the horn connector and relay it to a positive side of a battery. It should give you an indication of whether the horn is working.

How Do I Fix My Car Horn Sound?

So, you have identified some sort of issue with your car horn. If you have pinpointed the problem, it should be an easy fix. We have identified some common fixes that you can use to improve or fix the sound of your car horn:

1. Connecting A Jumper Cable

The first thing you need to do is to isolate the issue, and if you have determined that the fuses are fine and the airbags are in place, you are left with the horn and the horn switch. You want to start by connecting the jumper cables to the car horn and a positive side of a battery. If the horn is working, it will be a deafening sound. If not, the hooter needs to be replaced.

2. Checking The Relay

By now, it can be a great idea to take your car to your local mechanic, but we all know how expensive it can be. Before you hand your vehicle over to them, the relay might be the issue. The relay is easy to replace and you should also go over some of the fuses at the same time. Fortunately, you can replace fuses for an affordable price.

3. Visiting A Local Mechanic

If the relay works and the sound of the horn is fine, you might be dealing with a horn switch issue. These are uncommon and only occur if the vehicle has been in an accident. Your next step should be visiting your local mechanic and having them see if they find any issues. Fortunately, most car horn components are cheap and easy to replace.

Frequently Asked Questions

By now, you should have a damaged car horn fixed, and it should not be that expensive. However, people might still have a few questions regarding the car horn, and we have identified some of the most common questions.

Why Does My Car Horn Sound Weak After Rain?

Your car horn should be in a secure location that does not allow water or moisture to penetrate. If your hooter is weaker after rain, it means water is splashing up. You should check to see if there are any potential leaks.o

Why Does My Car Horn Go Off By Itself While Driving?

If your car horn goes off by itself when driving, it could be a switch or relay issue. You should make sure your driving technique does not apply pressure to the horn inadvertently. If this issue keeps occurring, you will need to refer to the first section and diagnose which issue it might be. However, the switch is the most common culprit.

How Do You Know If A Car Horn Is Bad?

In most cases, it is rarely that car horn that is the issue. However, when you have conducted most of the checks, and the horn is still not making the right sound, you should know that the horn is faulty. Fortunately, modern vehicles require service now and again, and you can use the service to ask for diagnostics on your car horn.

Is It Dangerous To Drive With A Faulty Car Horn?

While it might not seem dangerous on the surface if you barely use the car horn it can be. You might need to alert someone to something, and could be reduced. Additionally, a random car horn going off constantly could distract other drivers.


While many components on your car will be expensive and daunting to fix, a car horn is one of the less sophisticated. With some basic mechanical skills, you could identify most issues and fix them at home. We would recommend that you make sure your car horn is in optimal condition before heading on the road.

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