Who Makes Batteries For AAA? (Find It Now!)

who makes aaa car batteries

These days, people associate AAA batteries with East Penn Co., the same company that makes the many batteries you find in Walmart. East Penn is a large firm with a 520-acre manufacturing facility.

East Penn and Johnson Controls are AAA’s primary battery makers.

But in some places, the brand uses Exide. Exide batteries have a terrible reputation. This suggests that your experience with AAA’s batteries will depend on the manufacturer. Ultimately, you don’t have a choice in the matter. You don’t get to choose where your battery comes from when you call AAA.

What Is AAA?

AAA stands for ‘American Automobile Association’. The company runs a roadside service subscription program. You’ve probably heard your friends and family mention AAA whenever they encounter a car-related problem, such as a flat tire while on the road.

They avail their services to drivers across the United States and Canada. Consumers typically sign up for one of the following plans:

  • Basic – This plan costs $60 annually. You get four roadside assistance calls and ten miles of towing.
  • Premium –  This plan costs $100 annually and provides four roadside assistance calls along with a hundred miles of towing.
  • Plus -This plan costs $136 annually. It provides four roadside assistance calls and two hundred miles of towing.

The service is perfect for drivers that expect to traverse remote locations because you can trust the company to come to your aid whenever your vehicle develops a fault.

What Are AAA Batteries?

When your vehicle’s battery dies, AAA will send a technician to inspect and troubleshoot the component. If they need to replace the battery, the technician will use AAA-branded batteries. The experts at the Newsroom love AAA’s batteries for the following reasons:

  • Decent starting and reserve power regardless of the conditions.
  • High cranking power in cold weather.
  • Designed for all-weather performance
  • Reinforced design that withstands heat.
  • Extensive lifespan.
  • The design maximizes energy storage and power delivery.
  • Fortified posts, straps, and welds.

The notion of calling AAA to get a new battery is offputting for some people because it means waiting for the company’s technicians to arrive. Like most firms, AAA is prone to delays. What if you can’t afford to wait for hours to get a new battery?

Andrew P. Collins from The Drive suggests visiting NAPA Auto Parts. NAPA has partnered with AAA to offer AAA-branded batteries to consumers. Therefore, anyone can buy AAA batteries without calling AAA. A simple visit to your local NAPA is sufficient.

Are AAA BAtteries Good?

It depends on who you ask. Four Wheel Trends have argued that AAA batteries are just conventional Duralast, Die Hard, Bosch, and Interstate batteries but with an AAA sticker.

But that isn’t a bad thing because those brands have a solid reputation for making reliable batteries. Fans of the brand associate AAA batteries with the following benefits:

  • Accessibility

You don’t have to leave your home to buy an AAA battery. AAA’s services are just one phone call away. Keep in mind that they provide maintenance services. In other words, if an AAA battery stops working, they will fix it and any other fault your vehicle has developed.

  • Competitive Pricing

AAA’s prices are competitive. If they seem high, remember that the price tag includes delivery and installation. They will also test and recycle old batteries for you. This justifies any price hikes you may have noticed. AAA puts more services at your fingertips than you would get if you walked into a NAPA store and bought an AAA battery yourself.

  • Warranty

What if the battery fails? AAA provides a favorable warranty that covers you for six years. This will give you peace of mind, especially if you spend a lot of time on the road.

  • Perks

AAA membership gets you additional perks, such as roadside assistance, fuel delivery, special discounts, etc.

It is worth noting that consumer opinions are varied where AAA batteries are concerned. Some people love them. Others want nothing to do with AAA batteries. Consider the contributors to this Quora thread.

One consumer complained about AAA batteries that discharged in just two years. Another fumed that he required multiple jump-starts in the months after installing a AAA battery. You also have a consumer that accused AAA of refusing to honor their warranty when the company’s battery failed.

The AAA technician in question blamed the battery’s problems on a bad alternator. The consumer dismissed this suggestion because his alternator was brand new. The consensus these consumers reached was that AAA batteries were only suitable for emergencies.

Otherwise, you are better off taking the time to identify a high-quality battery from a brand with a better reputation. What does this mean for you? Do your homework. Talk to friends and family that have bought AAA batteries in the past before deciding whether or not you should experiment with them.

How Much Do AAA Batteries Cost?

Auto-Car-Need expects you to spend roughly $200 depending on your vehicle’s make and model. This assumes that an AAA technician came and installed the battery. You can bring that figure down to $20 or $30 by buying the battery and installing it yourself.

AAA doesn’t charge its members when it replaces their car batteries. But you may part with an additional fee if you have a unique car model with an unusual battery that introduces distinct acquisition, delivery, and installation challenges. You should call AAA and ask for a quotation before hiring their services.

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