7 Reasons White Smoke Coming From AC Vents In Car (Fixed)

white smoke from ac vents in car

White Smoke coming out of the car AC vents is an uncommon occurrence. However, it does occur.

White smoke coming out of my car AC – Why?

1. Heated core:

Do you often use a heater inside your car?

In that case, there are chances that the core might have leaked. When that happens, smoke is produced, which comes out through the AC vents.

In case it is odorless, and more like icy fog, it is a sign that the coolant level is low. Either way, smoke coming out means that you need to check the coolant level in your car.

2. Problematic compressor clutch:

Many times, problems with some other components of your car can produce smoke which is then sucked into the AC vents. This also occurs when you’re facing a problematic compressor clutch. In that case, it might overheat and result in smoke. The smoke can be sucked into your car.

3. Low oil:

These days, most of us regularly use the air conditioning in our cars. For the same, the oil needs to be at appropriate levels. If the oil is depleted, the air conditioning system might heat up and produce smoke.

If you want to find out if this truly is the problem or not, you just need to ask yourself, when was the last time you changed the oil in your car?

That will let you know whether this is the problem or not.

4. Drain hole clogged:

Whether they are at your home or in your car, air conditioning systems will produce at least some condensation. The usual mechanism is to collect this condensation. After that, it is used to keep the various components of the car cool.

In older air conditioners, however, there is a drain hole through which this condensation water escapes. In case, this drain hole is clogged, the water will start accumulating and will be turned to steam due to the heat of the air conditioning system. This team will be sucked into the AC vents and, in turn, will be released inside the car.

5. High humidity:

If the humidity around the air conditioning unit is less than the usual humidity, fog will be formed in the air conditioning system. This will be sucked into the AC vents and released in your car. This is usually odorless and does not result in any immediate problem or risk.

6. Component issue:

Sometimes, it might be the wear and tear of a component that might produce smoke. When such wear and tear occurs at a rapid pace, overheating takes place and, in turn, can produce smoke. In this case, the smoke will not be odorless. It will have a burning smell. Apart from this, it is toxic as well, and that is why you shouldn’t continue to drive your car when you encounter the same.

7. Electric problem:

An electric problem in your car can also result in a fire in certain cases. Such smoke will also have a burning smell rather than being odorless.

How to fix white smoke coming from ac vents in car?

I will now list the most common and feasible solutions for the problems above so that you can fix the white smoke coming out of your car AC.

1. Replenish The Coolant:

To solve this problem, you have to watch the coolant level. If it is depleting faster, you need to get the core checked and replenish the coolant after fixing the issue.

2. Replace A Problematic compressor clutch:

If the compressor clutch is the issue, you will have to replace the same with a completely new compressor. That is because repairing it is pretty difficult. Chances are, even if you are a parent, you will experience other problems pretty soon. Replacing the compressor, however, will just take thirty minutes.

3. Change The oil:

The solution to this problem is pretty simple. You need to change the oil. Your dashboard will display the level of oil, and therefore it is easy to detect and fix the problem.

4. Remove the clogged Drain hole :

In this case, the clogging can be removed by a professional. It is not the same as unclogging a drain hole in your home. That is why you have no other option but to contact a professional.

5. Clear The Clogged Filter:

If this problem happens frequently, you will have to get the filter checked. Even if the filter is clogged, this problem can occur.

6. Troubleshoot Component issue:

Even if you try to find the source of the burning smell, you will not do so. If it is a component issue, troubleshooting can only be done by a professional mechanic. Moreover, being exposed to burning smells can result in health issues.

To avoid all of this, contact a professional to determine the cause and the solution to the problem.

7. Solve the electric problem:

Once again, you cannot solve the electric problem on your own. It can be wear and tear of the wires or an electrical short. It can result in a fire hazard as well. To avoid all this trouble, it is good to contact a professional if you determine an electric problem.

Types of Smoke coming out of my car ac:

1. White Smoke:

This type of smoke is generally odorless as well. It is hard to detect initially, but as the quantum of smoke increases, it is easy to notice it inside the cabin.

2. Gray Smoke:

In this type of smoke, there is some kind of odor. Also, due to color, it is easy to notice.

3. Black Smoke:

This is the most problematic smoke. It indicates that something is burning or not right. Moreover, this type of smoke can be toxic as well, and therefore you need to turn off your car as soon as possible and get out of it.

Is smoke coming out of ac vents dangerous?

Usually speaking, white smoke is odorless and not that dangerous.

When should I need to worry?

Any kind of smoke than white smoke coupled with the odor is certainly dangerous, and in that case, you need to get professional help as soon as possible.

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