Where Is TPMS Reset Button On A Dodge Caravan? (Find It Now)

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Tire Pressure Measuring System (TPMS) is a great feature that warns you when at least one of your vehicle’s tires is notably under-inflated. However, this feature can be rendered useless if you cannot find the TPMS reset button on your vehicle.

Where Is TPMS Reset Button on a Dodge Caravan?

Dodge Caravan Model YearTPMS Reset Button Location
2010Right of the steering wheel
2011Right of the steering wheel
2012Left of the steering wheel
2013Right of the steering wheel
2014Under the dashboard
2015Right of the steering wheel
2016Right of the steering wheel
2017Left of the steering wheel
2018Left of the steering wheel
2019Right of the steering wheel
2020Left of the steering wheel

In most vehicles, the TPMS reset button is usually located under the steering wheel (below the farthest left air conditioning vent) or sometimes integrated with the vehicle’s information display system (IDS). However, this varies from one vehicle model to the next.

How to Reset TPMS on Dodge Caravan?

The procedure for resetting the TPMS light usually differs from vehicle to vehicle. However, this procedure involves the same general techniques for modern and older models. Follow these steps to reset the TPMS light on your Dodge Caravan:

  • Park on a flat surface and inflate the tires

The first step in resetting the TPMS light on your Dodge Caravan is to ensure that every tire is properly inflated. If you do not inflate your tires properly, the sensors will not calibrate properly, which means they will provide inaccurate readings.

  • Ensure that you have the right pressure 

Before resetting TPMS on your vehicle, you should ensure that the tires have the correct pressure. The recommended psi is usually stamped on the side of your vehicle’s tires or the driver’s door jamb. Use a tire pressure gauge to ensure that every tire is inflated to a psi of 36.

  • Set the ignition on and reset the TPMS button

Once you set the right amount of pressure on all tires, turn the ignition on but do not start the vehicle. After that, you need to find the TPMS button on your vehicle.

For your Dodge Caravan, the TPMS button is likely located under the right or left-hand side of the steering wheel. The button can also be under the dashboard, so checking your owner’s manual is best.

Once you locate the TPMS button, press it down for about three seconds until the system light on your dashboard starts blinking. When the light flashes, leave your vehicle idle for about 20 minutes for the system to record and store the new psi readings for all tires. After the 20 minutes have elapsed, the TPMS sensor will reset itself to the new values.

  • Drive to recalibrate the system

After inflating all the tires with the proper pressure, drive the vehicle at 50mph for about 10 minutes for the TPMS sensors to recalibrate themselves. Some vehicles may require you to drive at a higher speed.

However, it is worth noting that this method of resetting TPMS only works in some vehicles, especially those with indirect TPMS.

If your vehicle has a direct TPMS, driving at 50mph for 10 minutes may be overkill. All you need to do is drive at a lower speed down the road, and the TPMS will detect the new tire pressure and reset accordingly.

  • Disconnect and reconnect the battery

If you are at a location where you cannot drive your vehicle at the required speed to reset the TPMS light, you should consider another option. This involves disconnecting the battery, leaving it for about 10 minutes to reset the TPMS light, and then reconnecting.

To disconnect the battery, you need to open the hood, remove the negative terminal and then honk the horn until the remaining charge drains. Once 10 minutes have elapsed, reconnect the positive terminal, and the TPMS light will disappear.

  • Use a TPMS reset tool or an OBD2 Scanner

You can also reset the TPMS light on your Dodge Caravan using a TPMS reset tool or a high-quality OBD2 scanner. This process is quite simple as all you need to do is program the sensors and reset the light by clicking a button.

However, before purchasing a TPMS reset tool or OBD2 scanner to reset the light, you must ensure that it is compatible with your Dodge Caravan.

What Kind of TPMS Does a Dodge Caravan Have?

Like most vehicles in the U.S., the Dodge Caravan uses a direct TPMS system meaning that the sensors are located on the rim or tire’s pressure valve.

If these sensors detect low pressure on any tire, they will collect the information and transfer it to the Dodge Caravan’s Electronic Computer Unit (ECU). Once this happens, the TPMS light will appear on your vehicle’s dashboard to warn you about the deflated tires.

Direct TPMS usually relies on radio frequency (RF) technology to transfer information from the sensors to the ECU. Dodge Caravan of 2004-2007 used 315MHz to transmit this information.

On the other hand, model years 2001-2003 and 2008-2020 use 433MHz. The biggest drawback to the direct TPMS system used on Dodge Caravan is that it is likely to malfunction due to bad weather.

When Should I Need to Reset TPMS on Dodge Caravan?

Experts recommend resetting TPMS on Dodge Caravan if you have replaced a sensor on at least one of the wheels. This process helps transfer the new TPMS sensor IDs to the vehicle’s ECU.

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