Where Is The Rear Window Washer Fluid Container? (9 Brands)

Where Is The Rear Window Washer Fluid Container jeep cherokee, renegade, compass, gmc, nissan rogue, juke, ford explorer, toyota highlander, subaru outback, forester, dodge journey, audi a3, honda odyssey ,crv

One of the most frustrating things that could happen is when you try to use the rear window wiper and the wiper does not want to work. Finding out where is the rear window washer fluid container can often be a daunting task and this is often why some people simply forget about the washer container without refilling it.

Where Is The Rear Window Washer Fluid Container?

Car ModelContainer Location
Jeep CherokeeUnder The Hood
Jeep RenegadeUnder The Hood
Jeep CompassUnder The Hood
GMCNear the spare tire mount
Nissan RogueUnder the hood
Nissan JukeUnder the hood
Ford ExplorerNear the tailgate area
Toyota HighlanderThe rear of the engine bay
Subaru OutbackUnder the hood
Subaru ForesterUnder the hood
Audi A3Under the hood
Honda OdysseyUnder the hood
Honda CRVUnder the hood
Dodge JourneyNear the tailgate

How Do You Fill The Rear Window Washer Fluid?

To refill the container, you simply need to locate it. Once you have located the container, you have to open the cap. With the cap open, it becomes much easier to refill the container and you simply need to pour in some water.

Filling up the container should be done slowly to ensure that you do not make a mess out of the process. Once the container is filled, you can simply just close the cap and it should work as normal. Once you start your car, it should be that much easier for you to use the system to clean your window when needed.

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How Much Window Washer Fluid Does A Car Take?

Unfortunately, not all vehicles are made the same and this means that some cars might take more than others For most vehicles, it is estimated that the car would take approximately ¾ of a gallon of window washer fluid, However, this can vary, with some vehicles only needing around 2 liters of the fluid to ensure that the car is working in optimal condition.

You must look at your car and make sure that you find out how much fluid the car can take. The level of fluid would vary significantly depending on the model of the vehicle. One thing you cannot do is overfill the window washer fluid tank, which would occasionally cause some problems like

  • Fluid Expanding
  • The container might break or leak
  • Overflow whilst driving

What Type Of Windshield Washer Fluid Should I Use?

To give you an idea of the different window washer fluids, let’s look at some of the purposes:

Melting Ice

Some formulas might be better at melting ice on your window and this would ensure that you could easily clean the window in the cold. If you live in an area where the weather is often frustratingly cold, you should consider using a window washer fluid that would enable you to effectively melt the ice.

Fortunately, the washer fluid you choose would often have some form of indication on the packaging, which would allow you to easily distinguish whether this fluid would work best for cleaning your windows or melting ice.

Summer Vs Winter Washer Fluid

The winter version often contains more alcohol than the summer window washer fluid and this would prevent the windows from freezing over and it would essentially keep the window in the best possible driving condition.

The smell of the various liquids would also vary significantly, with the winter version having a much stronger smell than the summer alternative and this would be something you need to keep in mind when choosing one.

Cleaning The Windows

Some of the other options might work best for you to clean your windows in case of bugs splatter on the window. Whilst driving, you can often come across a few bugs on your drive and this would inevitably mean you need to clean and wash the vehicle. However, the right window washer fluid would simplify this process and make it that much easier for you to clean your windows.

Protecting The Window

Occasionally, you might also come across different substances that would help you keep the windows protected. Some of these products would create a nice barrier over the window, which could help you to prevent any dents and scratches that could occur. This would make it much easier to clean the window with the next go around and ensure that everything is in working order.

Why Do Cars Need Window Washer Fluid?

If you have ever driven on a bad road or even a dirt road, you might have noticed that your car would often get dirty and the windows might accumulate some dust. As you continue driving, the dirt would often get stuck on the windshield, and using normal water might not always clear all the dirt efficiently on the window.

Window washer fluid often contains various chemicals, which would easily wipe off all the dirt on the windows and ensure that they can easily be cleaned. The chemical compounds in these fluids would essentially help you to always have your windows in the optimal condition for driving.

Another case when the window washer fluid might be handy would be when you are dealing with ice or snow. The ice can clog up the windows, and using hot water might even lead to cracks in the window. Fortunately, the chemical compounds in the window washer fluid can decontaminate some of the ice and this would essentially allow the ice to melt as needed.

How Do You Use A Rear Wash?

Inside the vehicle, you will find the toggle, which activates the windshield wipers and most cars would simply have something that you could turn that would make it possible to activate the rear wiper.

Once you pull the lever, it would squirt out some of the liquid and this would be one of the main features that would essentially help you to keep the window clean and make sure that everything is in working order.

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