8 Reasons VW Remote Start Not Working (Fixed!)

vw remote start not working

The VW Remote Start is a convenient function that lets you remotely start your car. Consumers use this feature on cold mornings. They can warm the vehicle without sitting in it and turning the key in the ignition.

A VW Remote Start that won’t work is annoying because you have two culprits to consider. You can start the car remotely using the key. You can also use the app. The app is more appealing because obstructions are not a problem.

The app can communicate with a car in any location with a cellular signal. Additionally, you can lock and unlock the vehicle, not to mention locating it in a crowded car park. When this function fails to work, you can blame one or more of the following:

1). The Car Is Out Of Range

The range matters, especially for the key fob. According to this VW Parts Store, an extended-range kit has a maximum range of a quarter mile. But in many cases, you’re looking at a few feet. Don’t expect the car to respond to commands from a key fob outside its range.

The app has a superior range. But it won’t work in the absence of a decent cellular signal. Read the manual to determine the range. You should only panic if you’re within range, but the Remote Start function has refused to work.

2). You Have Obstacles In The Way

The signals from the key fob will bounce off any obstructions they encounter. If the signals can’t reach the vehicle, the Remote Start function won’t work. Fortunately, you can rule this issue out by securing a clear line of sight to the car and trying the key fob once again. You should only consult an expert if the remote function fails, even though you removed the obstructions.

3). You Don’t Know How To Operate The VW Remote Start Function

  • Press ‘Lock’ on the key fob. This wakes the car.
  • Press ‘X2’ twice. The blinkers should flash to show that your vehicle has received the signal.
  • The car should start at this point.

Check out this video by Volkswagen USA to know more in detail!

Some consumers don’t know how to use the Remote Start function. It fails to work because they don’t follow the instructions. Read your manual and execute the steps the manufacturer has recommended.

4). The Doors Are Open

According to this Volkswagen Car-Net guide, you activate the Remote Start function by sending a door lock request followed by the remote start command. Technically, this mechanism will work even if you leave the doors unlocked.

But the key fob’s commands may generate a timeout error if the doors are not locked. Try the Remote Start function after locking the doors.

5). The Car Has Little Or No Fuel

You can’t use the Remote Start function on a car with low fuel. The mechanism won’t work. Check the dashboard. If the low fuel indicator is on, the low fuel is to blame for the nonresponsive Remote Start function.

6). The Hood Switch is Defective

The hood switch is a safety component that prevents the car from starting when someone is under the hood. If you don’t see anyone under the hood, but the Remote Start function won’t work, the hood switch is missing or broken.

7). The Batteries Are Depleted

The key fob uses batteries. Those batteries will deplete after a few months or years. If you change the batteries, but the Remote Start function still refuses to work, you probably deprogrammed the remote when you changed the batteries.

The car’s computer can also revert to its default settings because of power loss.

8). The Engine Has Malfunctioned

The Remote Start feature may fail because the engine cannot start due to defects in one or more vital components. The Remote Start function may remain inactive because it knows you cannot drive the car.

In fact, Volkswagen Atlas shows the ‘Not Ready To Drive’ light in such situations. The ‘Check Engine’ light will most likely come on.

Does Resetting Fix The Issue?

A reset can occasionally solve the issue, especially when the system develops a glitch. But it won’t help if the car has a more serious problem. For instance, if the vehicle is low on fuel, a reset won’t help you.

How To Reset It?

  • Put the key in the ignition and turn it on.
  • Press ‘Lock’ on the remote starter.
  • Turn the key to ‘Off.’
  • Do this again three times. You will hear a ping.
  • Hold ‘Lock’ down.
  • Wait five seconds and turn the car off.
  • Press the Remote Start button.

Don’t expect this reset procedure to work for you. Your vehicle may require a different set of instructions. Check the manual or consult the manufacturer.

If Resetting Doesn’t Fix It, How To Fix It?

1). If the fuel is low, add fuel.

2). Make sure the doors are locked before you use the Remote Start function.

3). Ensure you have a clear line of sight. Obstacles will interfere with the signal.

4). If the key fob won’t work, use the app. If the app doesn’t work, make sure the vehicle is in an area with decent coverage. Confirm that your mobile phone is paired with the car.

4). Deactivate valet mode.

5). If the batteries are depleted, change them. Use a recommended brand. Low-quality batteries can do more harm than good.

6). The Remote Start can fail after changing the batteries because the key fob is no longer programmed. Try programming it (using manual or automatic mode).

7). Check the engine. Does it have a fault preventing the car from starting or running? When was the last time you added coolant? Is the oil pressure sufficient? If you can see the ‘Check Engine’ light, troubleshoot the vehicle until the light goes off. Otherwise, the Remote Start function may refuse to work.

7). Inspect the hood sensor and replace the component once it malfunctions.

8). Read the manual to determine the best way to use the Remote Start feature. Make sure the procedure you’re using is correct.

9). If you tried the Remote Start too many times, and now it won’t work, put the key in the ignition and turn it on and off. This should solve the problem.

Maintenance Tips For Extending The Life Of Your VW Remote Start System

1). Check the battery routinely. Batteries can last four years. But if you press the buttons multiple times to open or lock the car, the battery is probably losing its power. Replace the battery instead of waiting for it to die.

2). Because the key fob is continuously sending signals, keeping it near the car overnight is a bad idea because it drains the battery.

3). Do regular maintenance on the car. Don’t wait for the ‘Check Engine’ light to come on to visit a mechanic.

3) f you want to perform replacements or repairs, hire a professional. An expert knows the intricacies of your car. They can install a remote starter system without causing more harm.

4). Don’t expose the key fob to water. If it gets wet, dry it off with a cloth and remove the battery. Give the insides a few days to dry before putting the battery back in.

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