7 Reasons VW CarNet Not Working (Fixed!)

vw carnet not working

VW Car-Net is a system that gives you remote access to your car. You can access a similar service via the key fob. However, the key fob will only offer the Remote Start function. Car-Net is an app on your phone, and the functions it performs are more comprehensive. For instance:

  • You can start a VW engine remotely.
  • You can lock and unlock the doors from a distance.
  • You can honk.
  • You can flash the lights.
  • According to Volkswaggen’s official site, syncing with Alexa allows you to give remote commands when you’re home.
  • You can keep track of your car when you give it to someone. You can even track the speed.
  • DriveView makes you eligible for auto insurance discounts.
  • The app will show you where you parked your car. This is particularly useful in a large, crowded parking lot.
  • The system includes anti-theft alerts, roadside call assist, and a stolen vehicle locator.
  • Car-Net provides satellite navigation, weather reports, and traffic updates. You can also view fuel station prices.
  • Three-Month SiriusXM trial subscription.
  • The App-Connect component provides sports broadcasts, music, podcasts, etc.

You can access all these services and more when you get the VW Car-Net app. You get the app using the following steps:

  • Download the app from your store of choice.
  • Use the ‘Sign Up’ option.
  • Accept Volkswagen’s terms and conditions.
  • Find and select the verification link in your email. The email will tell you how to configure your account.
  • Enter your VIN number in the app to find your car.
  • You can either scan the QR code or provide the registration number.
  • Create your pin.
  • Activate Car-Net. At this point, you can use the app’s remote features.

Why VW Car-Net May Not Be Working?

Like every relatively new technology, Car-Net is not perfect. Some people have reported that their app works intermittently. For others, their phone frequently disconnects from the car. You also have those that can’t even open the app. The following factors may explain these mishaps:

1). You’re Not Subscribed to Car-Net

Volkswagen usually provides a free trial to new customers. However, some people forget to extend their subscription once the free trial expires. According to Volkswagen of Akron, customers pay $17.99 per month ($199 per year) for Car-Net.

Hall Volkswagen has pointed out that App-Connect is free. ‘Guide and Inform’ and ‘Security and Service’ require a paid subscription. If your Car-Net app doesn’t do all the things Volkswagen promised, consider the possibility that your subscription expired.

2). Your Service Provider’s Technology Has Changed

When AT&T phased out 3G wireless technology, it crippled Car-Net’s features in many Volkswagen models (2014-2019) because the system relied on 3G telematics that couldn’t adapt to the changes in AT&T’s wireless services.

From what the experts at Car Complaints have found, the disruption was so egregious that some people launched a class action lawsuit against VW, criticizing the company for using a system that couldn’t evolve to accommodate new technological innovations.

As a result, features such as ‘Remote Access’ and ‘Safe and Secure’ stopped working. If you’ve noticed a confusing disruption in Car-Net functions, talk to your service provider. Changes in their technology might be at fault.

3). You Did Not Update Car-Net

Every app on your phone updates regularly. Some apps update multiple times a month, and when you forget or refuse to perform an update, these apps will either stop working altogether or develop irritating glitches.

Car-Net is no different. If you haven’t updated the application in a while, you may encounter annoying and inexplicable glitches.

4). The Control Module Has Failed

A faulty control module is problematic. It won’t simply affect Car-Net’s features. You may lose GPS and the SOS communicator.

5). You Don’t Have Car-Net

Are you sure you have Car-Net? According to Niello Volkswagen, every VW vehicle from 2018 onwards has Car-Net. If your car falls outside that range, there’s no guarantee that it has this service. Talk to the dealership that sold you the vehicle.

6). You Have A Poor Connection

You need a decent cellular signal to use Car-Net’s numerous features. If you leave the car in a location with a poor connection, don’t be surprised if Car-Net stops working. If you talk to Volkswagen, they will educate you about the level of coverage they have in your area.

7). Your Phone Is Dead Or Defective

Car-Net works via an app on your phone. You can’t expect Car-Net to work when your phone has a fault. For instance, if the phone can’t access the internet, Car-Net won’t communicate with your car.

Troubleshooting Tips For VW Car-Net Not Working

1). Whenever Car-Net malfunctions, you should start by searching for updates. The app usually alerts you when new updates arrive. However, some people ignore them. Sometimes, performing an update is all it takes to solve a glitch or connectivity issue.

2). You should also update your phone. Car-Net’s effectiveness is tied to your phone’s health. Eliminate some of the glitches and malfunctions plaguing your phone by performing an update.

3). If your phone has a serious fault, take it to a technician. You should also consider replacing it, especially if it fails to connect to the internet.

4). Check your subscription. If it expired, make the necessary payments to renew it.

5). If you have connectivity issues, try performing a factory reset of the WLAN.

6). Make sure you have the latest firmware version.

7). Talk to the service provider. Determine whether anything has changed. Ask VW for a solution. This Volkswagen Car-Net guide dissects the AT&T saga that manifested when the ISP discontinued 3G. VW provided a solution that restored Car-Net’s services for affected customers. They will do the same for you if you consult them.

8). Replace a defective control module.

9). Perform a hard reboot for your smartphone. You can also perform a hard reset for the communications module.

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