Nissan Altima Key Fob Not Working & Its Troubleshooting Tips

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Whether you are driving a Nissan Altima or any other car, you must often check the key fob to make sure that it is working. In many cases, the key fob could have a dead battery or some of the internal programs might not work effectively.

The problem can often be narrowed down to always being one of the following reasons:

1. Out Of Range

One of the first issues that you might encounter is that your Nissan key fob might be out of range. Most vehicles have a limited range (max 300 ft.) when it comes to how far the key fob in their vehicle can pick up to be useful.

As you get closer to your vehicle, the key fob would start to work. Fortunately, this is not an issue and with a little bit of moving closer to the vehicle, you should be able to effectively fix the issue and have your vehicle working.

2. Dead Battery

By far, the most common reason that your key fob is not working will be due to the battery. Every key fob has a small battery included in the design. The battery is powerful and powers the key fob for many years. However, it will eventually need to be replaced.

If you get close to the car and the key fob does not want to work, you could be dealing with such a battery issue. You should take your key fob to any battery replacement shop and they should be able to effectively replace the battery and make it functional again.

3. Programming Issues

To ensure that the key fob and the vehicle are working perfectly, there are a few lines of code that are often coded onto the key fob. These codes are programmed to ensure that the vehicle would effectively communicate with the key fob.

Glitches in the software or coding of the key fob can make it difficult for many people to get their key fob to work with the vehicle. Some of these programming issues would render the key fob useless. Your best way of resolving this issue would be to visit your local dealership and allow them to fix the key fob.

How To Figure Out Which Issue Is Limiting Your Key Fob?

Your next step is to figure out what if any of these issues are causing the problems with your key fob. It can be daunting, but the following steps would make it much easier for you to pinpoint the exact problem and allow you to go about fixing it to ensure that everything is back in the working order that it should be:

  1. Check The Distance: The first step would be to check the distance and find out if you can still open the vehicle when you get closer, which could show you a range issue.
  2. Opening The Car: If you have gotten closer to the vehicle and it still does not want to open correctly, you could be dealing with the issue of a dead battery.
  3. Replace the Battery: Once you have managed to replace the battery on the key fob, this would indicate whether or not it is the battery.
  4. Visit Your Dealership: Now that you know it is not the battery that is causing the issue, you might want to check the spare key. If the spare key is working, you should visit your dealership and they will have a look to see if it could be due to any of the tech features that it is not working.

Using the above-mentioned method of diagnostics would certainly allow you to figure out what could be causing the problem. Unless you are using the wrong key or someone might have switched your keys, you should not need to worry about the key fob not working. I have not seen any other causes for the key fob not working on the Nissan Altima.

How To Get Into Your Nissan Altima When The Key Fob Is Not Working?

Whilst all the above-mentioned tips are useful, the issue remains that you will need to get in your Nissan Altima. It can be daunting to get in your Nissan Altima if you don’t have the right key fob or if it simply does not work. The following tips would help you get into your Nissan Altima if the key fob decides to stop working:

  1. Find The Release Hatch: The first thing that you should consider looking for in your key fob is the release hatch. You should turn over the key fob and you will quickly notice that it features a release hatch. This can gently be pushed to open up the key fob.
  2. Find The Emergency Key: Nowadays all vehicles that work with key fobs would have an emergency key located inside the key fob. You should try to remove the emergency key, which should look the same as the lock that is found on the door.
  3. Open The Door: Once you have the emergency key, you can use it to open the door. A lock with a key entrance would be located on the door next to the driver’s side. It should be as simple as just turning the key and opening the door.
  4. Starting The Car: Here is where it becomes a bit tricky! If your vehicle has a port for you to insert the key fob, you can still put the key fob inside the port. By tapping the brake/clutch pedal, you will be able to press the start/stop button to get the car going. If your vehicle does not have a key fob port, it might be more complicated. You will need to put the key fob close to the start/stop button and this would enable you to start the vehicle more effectively.

Even though key fobs make life much easier, they can often be frustrating to use. However, manufacturers have found out that there often tend to be minor issues with many vehicles. To help alleviate some of the issues, manufacturers have designed these cunning methods to ensure that you can still open the car door and drive your Nissan Altima.

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