Is Driver’s License Number Public Record? (50 States)

is driver license information public record

Most states have a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Most DMV records are public records. But before you panic, the DMV cannot reveal your personal information. The United States introduced the Drivers Privacy Protection Act in 1994 to prevent DMV personnel from sharing or selling driving records to public and private entities or individuals.

The DPPA provides exemptions. For instance, a court order can compel a DMV to release your personal data. Additionally, the regulations governing the DMV’s ability to share your records will vary with each state.

AlabamaYou can request your own records from the Alabama Division of Revenue, Motor Division.You can request another person’s records if you both sign a request form.You can request personal information if you present an adequate reason that doesn’t involve publishing the information or using it to contact the owner. You still need the owner’s permission.
AlaskaYou can request your records from the Department of Administration’s Division of Motor Vehicles after paying a $10 fee.
ArizonaYou can only retrieve your driving record.You must present a date of birth, AZ DL number, and the last four digits of your social security number to get the driver’s license motor vehicle record.
ArkansasAn annual $95 subscription to the Information Network Arkansas gives you access to a driver’s records, but only if you present their written consent to the authorities.
ColoradoYou can only request your personal recordA private investigator or attorney can submit a form to request your records.
ConnecticutYou can submit Form J-23 and pay $20 to request driving records.You must present the subject’s consent and proof of identification.You must also give a valid reason for your request.
DelawareYou can look up your records.
GeorgiaYou can access your driving history report online after entering a Georgia driver’s license number.
HawaiYou can submit a request form to Hawai’s district courts to access your driver history record.
IdahoPeople that fall under the purview of one of the twelve categories of requesters can request the records the Idaho Transportation Department has listed. Use Form ITD 3374.
IllinoisYou can access someone’s driving record by mailing a request form to the Illinois Secretary of State (Driver’s Services Department).You must submit the target’s driver’s license.
IndianaYou can only access your driving record.You must present a valid driver’s license number and social security number.
IowaYou can access a person’s driving record by mailing a copy of the driver’s license, letter of intent, and account application form to the State of Iowa (Office of the Chief Information Officer).
KansasYou request another person’s record online.This request will cost you $13.70.The results are limited. The record includes the subject’s physical description and history of traffic infractions.
KentuckyFor $5.50, you can request a limited record that includes a three-year driving history and traffic convictions.The record doesn’t include personal information such as physical descriptions and addresses.
LouisianaYou can only access your driving record.You must provide a license number and date of birth.
MaineYou can search for other drivers when you provide a date of birth or a license number.You can access a three-year or ten-year report.The report mentions accidents, traffic convictions, and license information.The fee ranges between $7 and $12.
MarylandYou can only access your driving records.You must provide the date of birth and license number along with paying $9 – $12 for a certified record.
MassachusettsYou can search for driving records online.You must provide a date of birth, driver’s license number, and social security number.The service costs $8.
MichiganYou can request a person’s driving history record by paying $11 and submitting a form that includes the subject’s driver’s license number to the Michigan Department of State.
MinnesotaYou can request another person’s driving record.You must submit the date of birth, the subject’s written consent, and their license number.You must provide an adequate reason for requesting this information. That means submitting the contact information of the agency that wants this data.
MississippiYou can only request your driving record.You must submit the date of birth, license number, and last four digits of the SSN.
MissouriYou can access another person’s record, but it won’t include personal information. You can request this information in person or submit a request via mail and fax.You must provide the date of birth and driver’s license number. You can complete Form 4681 to request another driver’s personal information. But you need the subject’s signature and a notary public stamp.
MontanaYou can request driving records if you submit the subject’s license number, a valid reason for the request, and the last four digits of the subject’s SSN. This service costs $7.37.
NebraskaYou can access a driver’s records online by entering the license number (or social security number) and date of birth.This service costs $3.
NevadaYou can only access your driving records.You may access another person’s records if you submit their notarized release.
New HampshireYou can access another person’s driving record by submitting their license number, notarized signature, and last known address.The service costs $15.
New JerseyNew Jersey has an online driver request system, but only New Jersey residents can use it.You can mail Form D0-21 to request another person’s records if you present the date of birth, address, license number, and a copy of the subject’s license.
New MexicoYou can access your driving history record online.
New YorkYou can access your lifetime driving record history.You can access another person’s four-year driving abstract.
North CarolinaYou can access your driving record online.
North DakotaYou can submit form SFN-51386 to get another person’s driving record.You need the subject’s signature. This service costs $3.
OhioYou can access your driving record online.
OklahomaPrivate investigators, insurance companies, and employers can access a subject’s driving record through the Department of Public Safety.
OregonYou can use Form 735-7122 to request another person’s driving record if you can explain (in detail) how you intend to use this information.
PennsylvaniaYou can access your records online.
Rhode IslandYou can access your information online.
South CarolinaYou can access your information online by presenting the DL number, date of birth, license number, and SSN.
South DakotaYou need a notarized form and a $5 fee to request driving records from the Driver Licensing Program. Insurance companies, government agencies, employers, and individuals can request driving records.
TennesseYou must pay a fee to access your driving history online.
TexasYou can request your driving report online.
UtahYou can request another individual’s records from the Utah Driver License Division if you have a notarized form signed by the subject.
VermontYou can request your driving record from the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. Insurance companies can request your driving records.
VirginiaYou can request another person’s records if they sign Form CRD-93. You must submit the subject’s date of birth and driver’s license.
WashingtonPeople can buy their own records.Businesses can buy another person’s record.
Washington D.C.You can only access your driving record.
West VirginiaYou can request another person’s 5-year driving record.You need the subject’s SSN, date of birth, and driver’s license.Law enforcement agencies, the State Bar, and CDL can access a subject’s lifetime driving record.The subject must submit a release authorization form.
WisconsinYou can only access your records.
WyomingYou can request your records.You can authorize a company or individual to access your record.Agencies can request your driver’s records.
CaliforniaYou can request another person’s driving record.The fee ranges between $5 and $20. This gets you everything on the subject’s driver’s license application. You will also see the convictions and reportable accidents.

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