How Much Would A Custom Car Interior Cost?(With Examples)

how much does it cost to get your car interior done

Turning the interior of your car with a personalization touch can make your ride become a special place where you would love to be in every time you hit the road, but good things don’t come cheaply.

How Much Would A Custom Car Interior Cost?

The whole interior work may range from $1,000 on the lower side, and the figure could reach thousands of dollars depending on your type of car. A classic car may get $5,000 or more. This is just an average price that can reduce or increase.

The number of things may determine how your car interior may turn once you factor in the interior design changes. They include the size of your vehicle, the service requirements that you want the type of materials to use, and the professional company to install for you in different locations.

Custom Car Interior seat Cost

For simplicity, when you want to change your car seat and replace them with custom ones, you will need the services of a professional to perform the reupholster car seats.

You need to include the cost of fabric to replace the current upholstery, batting, and foam as required. Labor costs will include removing old material, adding the new foam, and batting to places damaged. Possible the springs if you need them change.

Then once that is taken care of, you have selected the materials you need that suit you. The labor can be quite intensive, and you would need a professional who would give you value for your money.

The extent of repair work may depend on how your current seats are damaged to determine if your car needs repair and reupholstery.

For instance, if your car seats are disfigured, or the form is missing, it will require much work to customize them. If they are in good condition, you will only need to perform reupholstery alone.

On average, it will cost you between $200-$750 per seat, or $500-2000 for two bucket seats depending on your location and the professional you use. Material to use include velour, poly-cotton and polyester, Cordura and heavy-duty canvas, neoprene and neo-supreme, suede, mesh, saddle blanket, vinylcamos, Hawaiian and more.

Custom Leather Car Interior Cost

Finding quality leather for your car upholstery can be hard to find. You need to find a trusted company to help you find something that exceeds colorfastness standards that will make your car look, feel and smell brand new.

Find an artisan who will work on a style that you choose to provide you with a sense of luxury and style. You can settle for factory design or your design. You will select a primary color, a secondary color available in multiple design options, seat piping, and logo if you want, heated or cooled seat, perforated or non-perforated seats.

It will cost you $6,000-$12,000 to upgrade your car with custom leather. Cost may increase depending on the number of seats on your vehicle and the type of leather you choose. Additional charges may apply.

Custom Interior Color of a Car Cost

The color of your car interior may bore you, which is normal.

You can change the color of everything found inside your car interior ranging from elbow rests, ceiling, door inserts, and the entire upholstery.

The cost of doing these changes will depend on the approach you want. Supposing you need complete interior customization, find professional help to carry that work. This option will involve acquiring custom parts to replace, such as leather and dashboard. You will include labor costs.

Changing your car interior color using an expert may cost you $4500 on the downside and goes as high as $20,000 depending on the extent of the changes you want and the quality of materials. Car interior color kits range from $300-$800.

Cost to Replace a Seatbelt

The cost you will incur to replace your car seatbelt will depend on the type of car you use. However, you will spend $150-$200 depending on the repair work needed and your mechanic rate charges.

According to experts, your seatbelt needs to be inspected and replaced even if your car has not been involved in an accident after using them for 10-15 years. They can only protect you and your passenger if they are in good condition.

Cost to Replace the Carpet in a Car

Car carpet replacement can only take an afternoon, and your car will be good to go. The replacement may cost you about $200 to $500.

You can shop for your car carpet on an auto parts store, an auto carpet website, or eBay retail. Original rugs will be more costly compared to third-party carpets.

Replacing your car carpet with an upholsterer may cost you $1,100-$2,100. When you add your style, it will reach $2,500.

Cost to Change the Color of the Car Dashboard

According to cost helper, the cost you will be charged for a single coat synthetic paint job on your dashboard will range from $300- to $900, on average. It will be $566.

You can find the factory color that marches your car from a custom auto shop near you. Ensure that the dashboard is well cleaned for the paint to adhere and stick to its surface.

Cost to Replace Custom Car Audio

Installing a custom car audio system can increase the value of your vehicle and make your driving experience enjoyable. There is nothing great than having an audio sound system.

The cost of installing car audio is around $400. This may cover both the radio and speakers. A budget of $1100 will be enough to add an amplifier and subwoofers and labor cost from a professional.

Steering Wheels and Gear Knobs Cost

With a new high-quality steering wheel kit, you can give your car a sporty and stylish look. It may cost you between $500-$1000 to change your steering wheels, have new gear knobs, and replace the steering wheels cover.

Roof Hood Replacement cost

The average cost you will spend to have your car roof panel changed s between $975 and $1,050. This price includes labor cost, which ranges from $75-$150 per hour. You may choose hardtop, sunroof, T-Tops, convertible, and more.

Seated Heat Installation Cost

Any vehicle you have can get a seated heat installation makeover. This service is affordable and may cost you under $500 for the application you choose, done in 1 hour. Also, you may consider cooled seat installation or get aftermarket ventilated seats.

Sun Visor cost

If you want your vehicle sun visor to be replaced, it will cost you anywhere between $50 -$250. Labor costs may push these figures higher depending on your location and your type of vehicle.

Customizing your car’s interior is the best way to increase the value of your vehicle and make your vehicle become a special place where you can enjoy it whenever you are on the road for a long ride.

The services you will get to have a complete makeover for the interior part will be worth any penny.

Look for a specialized dealer who understands what you are looking for advice and gives your car a new look. Anyone tired of the current look of their vehicle interior can go for these services to change the face, or when your vehicle has been damaged, you can change it with a new look.

Is it Expensive to customize the interior of a car?

Custom car interior doesn’t come cheap if you want the entire interior to have a complete makeover. Custom modification to change your car paint may range from $5,000-$20,000 when you want a professional job. Bodyworks may go for between $2,000 and $5,000.

Places you can get custom car interior services.

  • When you want to do custom interior service to your vehicle, you can look online for car dealer service providers in your area who are listed to perform car interior upholsterer services. You can look for their reviews and choose the best that suits you.
  • You can also ask for references from your friends, colleagues, family members, or neighbors. They will give you contact information on the best service providers they have worked with within your town.

When you consider reupholstering your vehicle, I know custom car interior cost is ringing on your head. The final cost of doing the entire interior work will significantly be determined by the upholsterer you select to work with and the car parts you might be thinking of fixing.

In Conclusion

Your car reupholstering kits may cost about $800 on average. You can add the cost of a professional installer to about $750.Therefore, the entire cost estimation may be about $5000 or more.

To have that new car feeling, doing a complete interior makeover will require changes to many things, requiring the services of a professional company that can deliver on performance and aesthetics to your car to increase its value.

The upholstery market is growing tremendously; you need to search online to find the best company in the industry that you can afford that offers the best services that you want. Get a professional quote to know what to work with and what changes to make to your car interior. You can also get a referral from friends who have done interior customization.


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