How Much Does It Cost To Install LED Lights In Car?

how much does it cost to install interior led lights in car

The very reason why lights are installed in a vehicle is to keep the driver and passengers safe while being on the road and visibility. The car light installations will serve as a warning system to other drivers on the road to make the roads and the surroundings more visible when one is driving during the night.

Average Car Led Light Installation Cost

LocationAverage Cost
Ceiling led light$300-$500
Led Light Under Your Car$90-$300
Led Headlight$300-$750
Led Tale Light$78-$125

Cost to Install Interior LED Lights

To begin with, the lowest cost of LED installation for your car interiors can be as little as $100. However, the cost of medium-quality LED lights may range from 300$ to 500$.

The cost is basically determined by the type of material used in manufacturing the led lights and the actual installation to your car interiors.

Basically, it all depends on the model and year of your vehicle. There are vehicles that are newer which comes with bulb out detectors.

When installing ceiling LED lights in your car you need to find out the price range for the basic labor cost.

The technician or handyman must have the skills in turning off the power circuit safely, make sure the tech guy is capable of lay-outing location and cutting mounting holes to where the wirings will be used, he is capable of adding or modifying the existing switches or parallel fixture in the car.

Also, make sure that the tech guy is capable of placing fixtures and trimmings neatly.

Cost to Put Lights in The Ceiling Of Your Car

As a standard rule in the industry, it may range from 900$ to 2000$.

Generally, the professional service cost of car ceiling installation is a bit hefty.

A starlight headliner of this cost will cover the various expenses for the installation. The factors to consider when you try to install car ceiling LED lights are the quantity of the stars, the quality of installation, and even the type of vehicle.

Cost to Install LED Lights Under Your Car

The price range under car LED lights may range from 90$ to 300$.

The LED lights for cars are meant to add some character and charm to your car or truck. This may come in single or multi-color kits and can be an add-on option. The LED lights underneath the car will surely transform and upgrade the look of your vehicle efficiently.

Cost to Install LED Headlights

LED headlights can be expensive, yet they can be worth the cost. Headlight assembly of good quality may cost in the range of $300 – $750, and for LED lights the cost will be a bit higher than that.

When your car headlights fail, you must consider replacing them or getting an upgrade. You can somehow install LED lights which are newly developed cat installation technology.

How do I know the Best Led Light for a Car?

The LED light should be the right size and brightness for you to drive safely. Your headlight or any form of car light installation must allow you to clearly and drive safely through the night and even during unruly weather conditions.

Below are the things you need to put into consideration when picking out the right LED light system for your vehicle:

  • Longer life span and will work competently with longevity
  • Energy efficient LED light is your topic pick. It will draw less energy from your car’s system.
  • Easy to install and without any complicated electrical requirements
  • Exceptionally impressive aesthetics for your car

Where can I install led lights?

Installing LED lights in your car can be in various locations and purposes. You can definitely mount the lights in any location you desire.

  • It is best recommended for various car units to put a LED Light installation on the driver footwell.
  • You can also place a LED light on the passenger footwell to ensure safety when you go on and off your car.
  • Also, you can place mounted LED lights leading to the back seats.
  • You should make use of very effective adhesives to secure the placement of the wires under the dash, so the LED lights do not fall off when you hit the road.

There are a lot of options for LED lights colors. Basically, there are eight solid colors with gradient lighting. This will promote a more appealing and personalized.

The LED light that you need to choose will depend on the kind of color scheme that you will use. You should think it over and give it more attention so you will not put your money to waste.

What color led lights are the best for the car?

The yellow LED light options are capable of producing a temperature that is closest to what daylight feels like. This LED light color is capable of illuminating the road much better than the yellow lights, especially during the nighttime. Thus, it is the most popular choice to have.

When you are driving with white-colored LED lights is much safer than the easily identified details even when the car is at a considerable distance.

Remember the rule: The yellow color appears to be less stressful and frustrating for the human eye. When you compare it to blue, indigo, or white shades. The main reason for using yellow lights is to achieve better visibility when you do nighttime driving.

Can LED lights be installed on any car?

There are specific restrictions imposed by various states across the USA. You may need to keep them in mind and consider making all your LED lights legally allowed. However, to make you feel better, not all LED Lights are restricted by the law.

So, you can always explore this car accessory. All you have to do is do some homework on the permissible details regarding LED lights for your cars.

However, although these LED lights can make your car interiors look cool and appealing, you have to consider the safety standards of each and single aspect or detail of the lights.

On a final note, if your car lacks something to make it more personalized and trendy, you can definitely install LED lights on your car! Just make sure you are doing it the safest and legal way possible.

Types of Custom Interior Car Lights You Can Install

You might be wanting to decorate your car interiors with different types of car LED LIGHTS. Some custom interior car lights which you might consider like map lights, door lights, dome lights, trunk lights, and accent lights.

Door lights – This type of interior car will help illuminate the doors during the nighttime rides. This will help you in finding window or handle controls.

Dome Lights – This will help install car lights from the front to the back of the car when you are shutting the doors.

Trunk Lights – if you want a unique and elegant look for your car, you can definitely install this one

Map Lights – Although this does not have much functionality, it can serve various purposes in identifying your car when you are using maps.

Accent Lights – This one will allow your creative ideas to flow. You can absolutely place accent lights on any part of your vehicle to achieve a stylish and unique look according to how you want it!

Is LED Light worth it in a car?

Well, I have to say that LED lights are practical installations for a modern car. Just imagine the functionality it can offer when you are doing nighttime driving. Yet, if you want to upgrade the looks of your car, you need to make sure that you know exactly what kind of LED light to install and for which purpose.

To make your money worth the investment, you must install an LED light that is within your preference and budget.


Installing LED lights in your car interiors may require a lot of research work. You should be able to do a price comparison to make sure that you got the best deals in the market.

One important thing to do before you plan to install LED lights within your car interiors is to validate the restrictions and regulations promulgated in the state that you live in. There are places across the country where LED lights are prohibited. You absolutely do not want to put your money to waste.

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