Honda Odyssey Power Steering Fluid Leak (Fixed)

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Your Honda Odyssey needs to have enough power steering fluid to function properly. If the power steering fluid leaks or is insufficient, you’ll likely experience some difficulty steering your vehicle; this can easily damage the other components of the power steering system.

Why Is My Honda Odyssey Power Steering Fluid Leaking?

Leaking power steering pump

The power steering pump is responsible for pushing the power steering fluid into the rack or gearbox through the power steering hoses. It’s worth noting that the seal of the power steering pump wears out over time. When this happens, it causes the fluid to leak.

Most power steering pumps usually comprise two sections bolted together using a gasket. If these bolts are not tightened properly or the gasket is worn-out, it can cause the power steering fluid to leak.

Overfilled power steering fluid reservoir

The power steering fluid reservoir in a Honda Odyssey is usually located on the front side of the driver’s side of the engine. The reservoir is basically a plastic container labeled ‘max’ and ‘min’ on the side. You should always ensure that the steering fluid is between these two marks. However, during routine maintenance on your vehicle, the reservoir may be accidentally overfilled.

This can cause the power steering fluid to leak and even blow up the seal inside the rack due to excessive pressure. If you notice this, it may be best to remove the seal and check if the power steering fluid has exceeded the recommended level.

Leaking power steering hoses

If you notice that the power steering fluid is leaking, you may want to start by checking the power steering hoses. Most vehicles are usually fitted with two hoses, the return and pressure hose. The return hose connects your vehicle’s gearbox to the fluid reservoir, while the pressure hose connects the steering box to the power steering pump.

On the other hand, if your vehicle’s reservoir is separate from the power steering pump, it will likely have a supply hose linking both components. The vibrations your vehicle’s engine will generate while being driven may cause these hoses’ metal or rubber parts to rub against other engine components.

Overtime, these hoses will wear out and allow the power steering fluid to leak out.

Rack or steering gear housing

The rack or pinion system is responsible for the movement of your vehicle’s wheels. Over time, the seals and shaft wear out due to the dirt and debris accumulated during the regular operation of your vehicle.

Using the wrong kind of power steering fluid

Honda Odyssey manufacturers usually recommend the preferred power steering fluid that should be used for your vehicle. Using the wrong power steering fluid will likely damage the power steering system and its components, thus creating a leak.

It would help if you referred to your owner’s manual to ensure that you’re using the power steering fluid specified for your Honda Odyssey model.

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Signs That Your Power Steering Fluid Is Leaking

Fluid on the ground

If you notice reddish or pinkish droplets on your garage below your engine, it is an indication that your power steering fluid is leaking. This should be the first symptom you notice, especially if the leak is still small.

Difficulty Steering The Wheel

Power steering fluid makes it easy for you to steer your vehicle. Therefore, if you notice that the steering wheel is stiffer than usual, it may be a sign of a leak. This usually happens when most of the power steering fluid has leaked out.

Driving a vehicle with low power-steering fluid is very risky, especially if you need to make frequent turns on a busy highway.

Whirring noise

If your Honda Odyssey has insufficient power steering fluid in the reservoir, it will start making a whirring noise every time you turn. Power steering fluid is responsible for lubricating the steering wheel components. If the fluid is insufficient, it will cause friction and stiffen your steering wheel, thus causing the whirring or grinding sound.

Ignition noise

If you hear an unusual squealing noise every time you turn on your Honda Odyssey, it may signify power steering fluid leakage. This noise may also be accompanied by a dashboard warning light for some Honda Odyssey models.

Where Can My Power Steering Fluid Be Leaking From?

The fluid can leak from seals and gaskets inside your power steering rack, power steering pump, or the junctions connecting the reservoir, rack, and hoses. It usually worsens over time if the problem is not fixed.

You can tell that the power steering fluid is leaking from these areas if you notice a drop in fluid level inside the reservoir, a whirring noise coming from the power steering pump, or a sluggish feeling when your vehicle is moving at low speeds.

Can I Drive With a Leaking Power Steering Fluid?

Technically yes. If there is some power steering fluid left in the reservoir, you can drive your Honda Odyssey for several miles. However, this situation may turn dangerous if the power steering fluid continues to leak and eventually drains out completely.

Driving without power steering fluid will make it difficult to turn the steering wheel while driving, potentially leading to an accident that could have otherwise been avoided.

Additionally, if the power steering fluid goes below the recommended limit, it may cause the steering system to overheat and eventually damage the power steering pump. In summary, it’s not safe to drive your Honda Odyssey if the power steering fluid is leaking.

How to Fix the Honda Odyssey Power Steering Fluid Leak?

  • If the power steering pump is worn-out and causing the leakages, it’s best to replace it with a new one. The best way to do this is by booking an appointment with a professional mechanic.
  • If the power steering fluid is leaking from the hoses, try tightening the loose seal or simply applying Teflon tape around the joints. If the old hoses are not in good shape, you should replace them with new ones.
  • If the power steering fluid is leaking because the reservoir is overfilled, try using a syringe to siphon the excess fluid until it reaches the recommended level.
  • If the fluid is leaking from the power steering rack, the best cause of action is to replace the worn-out rack with a new one.
  • If you’re using the wrong power steering fluid, you need to change it immediately. Start by completely draining the fluid and then replacing it with the right type to avoid further damage to the steering system components.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair the Odyssey Power Steering Fluid Leak?

It will cost you approximately $100 to $200 to fix a leaking power steering fluid in your Honda Odyssey, including labor costs. However, this cost may vary depending on your location and the auto shop you choose to fix the leak.

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