Hill Climb Racing Best Vehicle For Each Stages & Money

hill climb racing best vehicle for money and different stages

Hill climb racing is a fun online game and the aim is to get as far as you can with a time-trial format. While you have access to a whole host of different vehicles, you must make sure you have the right one for your needs.

Best Vehicle For Hill Climb Racing

My favorite vehicle is Super Offroad and the versatility makes it stand out. You can use Super Offroad for virtually any terrain.

The following stages are what you will face and these are the different vehicles we recommend for each:


The countryside is one of the most changeable terrains and vehicles tend to get stuck at a much higher rate than others. You would want a vehicle with a wide wheelbase to ensure it does not get stuck and you want functionality.

Super Offroad is the best vehicle for the countryside and it is one the best vehicles in the game. For this vehicle, you have around 20 upgrades for the engine and 25 for the tracks. There are 15 different upgrades for fuel and another 15 for downforce.

The only downside would be the costs and it will be around 23,213,500 coins to completely max up the Super Offroad.

Recommended Vehicle: Super Offroad


For Desert, you would be dealing with a slippery terrain and it might be hard to climb. Once again, you need something with a large wheelbase, which makes Super Offroad one of the best choices. While it should be the best vehicle for the terrain, the downside is that it is expensive to buy.

Recommended Vehicle: Super Offroad


As the name would suggest the Arctic is one of the most slippery terrains that you might drive on. Since the terrain also features steep edges, you want to have a vehicle with high torque. Having tracks could also be useful, which is why Super Offroad is our second choice here.

Dune Buggy will cost you around 800,000 coins and offers some great traction. Since the vehicle is relatively quick, it produces enough torque to help you get over steep hills. It is one of the most useful vehicles in terms of handling.

Recommended Vehicle: Dune Buggy


The highway does not have as many obstacles, which means that it is one of the best options for a faster vehicle. Fuel cans are placed far away from one another, which means you need something that is light on fuel.

One of the best vehicles with an estimated range of 16,881 meters is the Kiddie Express. The vehicle combines speed and stability to ensure you have a functional and rapid vehicle to get as far as you possibly can.

Recommended Vehicle: Kiddie Express


For the cave, you won’t need something as fast, but having great torque and control is important for protecting your driver. It might be a slightly boring stage, but the Dune Buggy is one of the best vehicles to consider.

Recommended Vehicle: Dune Buggy


For the moon, you want to focus on generating as much speed as possible. Finding fuel can be hard and this makes it one of the best tracks for the Dragster. It is one of the hardest stages when it comes to making up good speed.

Recommended Vehicle: Dragster


Mars is very much the same as the moon and you have about 5-times more gravity to deal with. It is one of the hardest stages to move forward and finding fuel can be daunting. Using the Rally car, you can simply press forward and try to go as far as possible.

Recommended Vehicle: Rally Car

Alien Planet

For Alien Planet, you are dealing with one of the most slippery tracks in the game. The idea of using speed and torque might be something you are looking into. However, it can be daunting to continue with the speed. The Dune Buggy with a powerful engine and upgraded design is often the best option.

Recommended Vehicle: Dune Buggy

Arctic Cave

If you go online, you ought to see people considering this the most boring stage of them all. It is littered with obstacles and it is almost impossible to make any real progress. Due to the speed and torque combination of the Dune Buggy, it is one of the only vehicles that make progress here.

Recommended Vehicle: Dune Buggy


Forest is another track that features obstacles like trees. However, these trees can be cut and with enough momentum, you should be able to get through most of them. Super Offroad is the best option for this track. It features great stability with reasonable speed to build enough momentum.

Recommended Vehicle: Super Offroad


Mountain is the one track you will constantly need to start and stop. You will notice that you almost slam on the accelerator in certain sections and finding fuel can be daunting. It is best to have a vehicle that will fully upgrade fuel features. The Super Offroad is once again the best vehicle for the terrain.

Recommended Vehicle: Super Offroad


Dealing with mud means you can get stuck and this might be frustrating for many riders. To prevent this, you need some decent speed and torque to enable you to maneuver the terrain. Dune Buggy is one of the most consistent for this terrain. However, Big Finger can also offer you the power and torque needed.

Recommended Vehicle: Dune Buggy


As you might imagine, the volcano can put you in a frustrating position with all the different obstacles. You will need to make sure you have a vehicle with a large wheelbase and tracks are preferable for making any progress. Super Offroad is obvious the way you want to go for Volcano.

Recommended Vehicle: Super Offroad


Beach is one of the hardest tracks on your tank and you will notice that you can run through plenty of fuel when you don’t have the right vehicle. Sticking to something with a large fuel tank, with enough power and a turbo will be your best bet. We have found Truck to be the most effective.

Recommended Vehicle: Truck

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster is one of the most fun tracks and you will notice plenty of ups and downs. It is a functional track that enables you to combine speed with skill. Snow Mobile is a great option due to the control it offers. However, you could consider Rally Car as well.

Recommended Vehicle: Rally Car


The night is a track that will require plenty of power and very few vehicles have power. You should rely on power more than speed and having something with a large fuel tank can add more benefits. You might not be able to go through it quickly, but a Tank is the best vehicle for this terrain.

Recommended Vehicle: Tank


As the name would suggest, you will be trekking over rooftops and this comes with a whole host of challenges. Since there are plenty of jumps, you want something with a large wheelbase that can generate plenty of momentum. Big Finger is the ultimate monster truck to use. However, it is very expensive at 1,200,000 coins for the base version.

Recommended Vehicle: Big Finger


A junkyard features numerous obstacles and with enough momentum, you can cut through many of these obstacles. With Junkyard, you also need to protect your driver and we would recommend picking a vehicle with plenty of control features. Super Offroad is once again the best version to consider.

Recommended Vehicle: Super Offroad


For construction, we had a hard time picking the right car. The combination of hills and different obstacles might make you think Super Offroad is the best. Big Finger is also useful, but the combination of torque and speed from Rally Car is the best.

Recommended Vehicle: Rally Car


Rainbow features a very similar setup to construction and having plenty of torque and speed will enable you to make it to all the fuel tanks spread across the terrain. For this reason, we believe Rally Car is once again the best option.

Recommended Vehicle: Rally Car


Haunted is certainly a fun terrain and it offers up some exciting situations. While it might not be extremely hard, you want to have control and speed. The best vehicle we could find to make it over 5000m is Dune Buggy. However, upgrading the vehicle more could increase the distance.

Recommended Vehicle: Dune Buggy


The obvious Northpole is renowned for its ice and slippery conditions. If you don’t have good traction, you will not move, but with the right vehicle, you could get over 10,000m. An ambulance is a great option for the first run, but if you want to make the most in terms of distance. Big Finger is the way to go.

Recommended Vehicle: Big Finger

Which Hill Climb Racing Vehicle is Best For The Money?

While all these vehicles can be expensive to upgrade, the base price is something you need to look at. Super Offroad is one of the most useful vehicles and can be used on almost every terrain. You will only need to save up and spend 1,000,000 coins to buy it.

How To Choose A Vehicle For Hill Climb Racing?

Finding the right vehicle for each stage can often be daunting and you might spend hours experimenting with certain vehicles. Some of the important factors to keep in mind when selecting a vehicle could help you make the best choice. Here are a few things we believe you need to keep in mind:

  • Torque: Of all the features, torque seems to be the most important. It helps with acceleration and enables you to clear obstacles.
  • Speed: If you have a hard time with fuel, speed can be something to look at. With enough speed, you can go with the momentum to extend the range.
  • Fuel: Most of these tracks make it hard for you to get fuel. You will need to ensure you have something with a decent fuel capacity.
  • Momentum: The combination of all these features will give you momentum. The more momentum you have, the farther you will go. This will give you more coins and enable you to make better upgrades.

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