Garage Door Opener Flashing (Green, Blue, Red, Orange) Light

Genie, Craftsman, Xtreme, Liftmaster, Sears, Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Flashing Green, Blue, Red, Orange Light 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 times

It can be frustrating when the garage door opener blinks different lights continuously, and you don’t know what it means. I am well conversant with these different errors and what it means when a garage door opener flashes in a certain way.

What does the blinking light on my garage door opener mean?

  • Misalignment and obstruction of the safety reversing sensors are the main causes of the blinking of your garage door opener.
  • The sensors are usually located on the top of the garage door opener and will blink when a door is closed.
  • The blinking light indicates that the sensor is not receiving a signal from the opener. The sensor may be blocked by a car, or it could be broken.

The sensor will not receive a signal from the opener if blocked.

The sensor has a sensing distance of 2 feet (60 inches).

If you have this issue with your garage door opener, try to fix it by first checking the sensors.

The following are different garage door blinking lights indicated in case of a problem and the solutions for each:

Garage door opener blinking different lights meaning and its troubleshooting tips

Green light flashing on garage door opener meaning

A blinking green sensor generally means there is an issue with the door’s functionality. If it can detect one, it will also tell you if this problem has something to do with a safety concern or any other fault related to the sensors themselves.

Otherwise, when these sensors detect no issues, and they’re on steady green (without a light turning red), then you should be able to operate your door from within or remotely using your remote.

How to fix it?

If the circuit board is broken, check if there are any loose wiring connections. If so, repair them using a soldering iron.

Check the continuity of each wire connection between each sensor and its corresponding circuit board with a multimeter to make sure they’re all intact or replace them as needed.

Suppose the sensor is not working; make sure there’s a functioning power supply plugged into your wall outlet.

In case you’re still unsure of what might be wrong with it, check with the manufacturer before replacing anything on your door opener’s power circuit board.

Blue light flashing on garage door opener meaning

When the LED behind the “Adjust” button flashes blue, your Wi-Fi garage door opener has not yet connected to your Wi-Fi network and will be available for connection soon.

Wi-Fi disconnection can be caused by being out of range, or the door opener’s Wi-Fi being turned off. In case you can’t connect to your Wi-Fi network, check if your router and the garage door opener are connected to the same network.

Ensure the Wi-Fi garage door opener is plugged into a working wall outlet to fix this issue. Make sure the antenna on the back of it is connected to its “antenna” port on the device.

Ensure you have downloaded and installed the app onto your smartphone or tablet. And confirm that your device can connect to it via wireless connection only, not cellular data (or vice versa).

On your smartphone or tablet, connect to your local network using Wi-Fi. Then open up our free app and tap “Find My Garage” to scan for nearby devices like the garage door opener that are broadcasting their SSID so that it can be matched with an entry in its database of compatible devices.

Orange light flashing on garage door opener meaning

An orange light flashing means the garage door opener is not under power and is functioning off battery power.

An orange LED, which alerts you with a beep approximately every 2 seconds, indicates that the door will close.

A flashing red LED, with a beep sounding about every 30 seconds as time goes on without power reaching the opener, will indicate that there isn’t enough battery life left for operation.

How to fix it?

When fixing this problem, you may need to try turning it on again by pressing and holding the keypad’s “Door Close” button.

In case this doesn’t help, remove and replace your doorbell unit’s batteries for them to work properly.

Suppose the problem continues after replacing or repairing your power supply system. There might be a wiring issue that should be checked out by an authorized service provider or by an expert contractor.

Why is the red light flashing on my garage door opener?

When one of the infrared sensors isn’t operating properly, it will blink red. This could be a blocked path between the two sensors or dirt on their photo eyes or loose wires at them and more.

In any of the above cases, remotes used for controlling the garage door won’t close because they are too far away from each other. The sensors can’t receive a signal from the remotes and will beep to warn you that the system is malfunctioning.

If it is not possible to fix the problem by using different remotes, then make sure that your remotes are in good working order because this could also be a reason why infrared sensors aren’t working properly.

  • First, please check the wall switches and make sure they are working properly to fix this problem.
  • Next, check the infrared sensors on the wall to see if they’re still doing their job. If these tests don’t solve your problem, you may need to replace them or have someone open and close your door while it’s happening so that there is no pattern of signal disruption through this particular route.
  • Contact a professional for further assistance at this point.

Garage door opener light flashing 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 times – Meaning?

The different number of flashes indicate a specific problem such as garage door misalignment, shorted control wire, motor overheating, misalignment of IR door sensors, or motor circuit failure.

  • Garage door opener light flashing 3 times

If the door control wire is shorted, three flashes appear on it.

To fix this, check the door wires and replace them as required. If necessary, disconnecting these wires will activate the motor unit to make it function again; however, if that fails too, you need to replace your whole door control system.

Finally, in case of any other issues with your controls, I recommend disconnecting them from their original device before testing further.

  • Garage door opener light flashing 4 times

Four flashes mean the sensor eyes on your garage door are misaligned, making one or more of them broken, and they will keep the door from closing entirely correctly.

You can fix this by realigning both lens sensors and securely ensuring that all brackets are in place. This avoids any movement or possible damage while you visually inspect the track, which should be firmly secured to your wall, so it doesn’t move when opening/closing.

  • Garage door opener light flashing 5 times

The sudden flashing of lights five times indicates a motor may have been overheating, or there might be a sensor failure. If it continues to flash, your RPM sensor may need to be replaced.

To fix this, unplug the unit and reset it immediately. If the flashing continues after unplugging, then the RPM sensor needs replacement.

  • Garage door opener light flashing 6 times

If your garage door opener flashes six times, it indicates a motor circuit failure. To address this issue, replace the logic board – that would solve any issues with your motor.

  • Garage door opener light flashing 7 times

When the garage door opener flashes seven times, it indicates a wiring failure. If this continues, then you will need to replace your circuit board.

  • Garage door opener light flashing 9 times

A garage door opener that blinks nine times may result from the misalignment of IR door sensors. You can fix it by checking your IR sensor for obstruction or pressing and holding on the wall button to close when there is an obstruction.

  • Garage door opener light flashing 10 times

Ten flashes of light indicate a problem with the door safety sensor circuit. The flashes are also a warning of misaligned photo eyes on your garage. To fix it, clean them and tighten them back into place until they are aligned properly.

Garage door opener all lights flashing – Meaning

The garage door opener flashing all lights is because the battery has died. Other possible reasons for this include: there may be an issue with its circuit board, one of its safety sensors has failed, its sensor might not work properly, or there might have been a short circuit.

In addition, there could be a problem with the motor, power supply, wall button pressed multiple times, and safety sensors. Your garage door opener remote control module could also be an issue.

Troubleshooting tips for garage door opener flashing lights

1. Check your battery to make sure it is fully charged and working properly.

2. Test the circuit board by holding down the button on the remote control for 20 seconds and see if the lights flash or not. If they don’t, you will need to replace the garage door opener and circuit board.

3. Test your door safety sensors by pressing down on them with a flat head screwdriver to see if they work correctly.

4. Test your wall button by pressing it multiple times with no problems, then try pressing it again and see if there are any problems with that, too, such as lights flashing or not working.

5. Test your remote control module by pressing the red button for 20 seconds and seeing if there are any problems, such as lights flashing or not working.

6. Have someone check out your garage door opener from outside of the house so you can rule out some of these issues before you dig deeper into the issue.

7. If you are having trouble with your remote control or lights flashing and not working, try the setup button on your garage door opener to reset the remote control and try this again.

8. Call a professional if you need to replace your garage door opener-circuit board, wall switch, or remote control module.

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