Ford Overdrive Light Flashing (7 Reasons With Troubleshoot)

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When the overdrive light starts blinking, it indicates a problem.

Ford Overdrive Light Flashing/Blinking On & OFF

1. Transmission fluid pressure high:

The overdrive light will start blinking if the transmission fluid pressure is on the higher side.

As you drive your Ford more and more, numerous parts will suffer from wear and tear. Eventually, the pressure regulator will not function properly. The transmission fluid pressure will increase when that happens, and the overdrive light will start flashing.

2. Faulty VSS sensor:

VSS stands for vehicle speed sensor. The overdrive system is related to the number of IBM readings of your vehicle. If the speed sensor is malfunctioning, the RPM rating will not be proper.

When that happens, the overdrive light will start flashing.

3. Extremely low temperature:

Do you experience extremely low weather in your area?

If so, you need to give your truck enough time to warm up before starting the engine. If you start driving directly, the engine might not provide proper power and might shut down.

There is another problem that occurs when the vehicle is not warmed up. That is, the overdrive light might start blinking.

In this case, the solution is relatively simple as well. You have to turn on the engine and wait for the vehicle to warm up. Once you drive after that, the overdrive light will no longer flash.

4. Oil leak:

If you have been driving your car/vehicle for more than 5 to 7 years, it might suffer from an oil leak.

When that happens, not only the oil pressure decreases, but it might affect the other parts of your vehicle as well.

For example, when the oil comes in contact with the gears, the gear might not function properly, and therefore the RPM reading might vary and the speed as well.

When that happens, the overdrive light will start flashing as well.

In a nutshell, if the oil leaks in copious amounts, it can lead to the blinking of the overdrive light as well.

5. High temperature of transmission fluid:

When the transmission fluid temperature increases beyond a certain level, it can also result in the flashing of the overdrive light.

Generally speaking, unless you are experiencing extremely hot temperatures, the transmission fluid temperature will not increase. Other than that, a problem with the radiator will heat all the engine parts and the temperature fluid. In that case, the engine will not function properly, and the overdrive light will start flashing.

6. Burnt or short wires:

Shorting or burning the wires can lead to many different problems when it comes to your vehicle.

Many times, it can shorten the overdrive circuit or an associated circuit. When that happens, the overdrive light might start flashing as well.

Fortunately, it is very affordable to fix a burnt or short wire. However, it is one of the causes which can result in the blinking of the overdrive light.

7. PCM problem:

PCM refers to the computer onboard. If you can’t locate a hardware problem, the chances are high that it is a software problem.

Debugging the onboard computer will help you. Apart from that, a simple software update can also solve this problem.

Consequently, the reasons the Ford overdrive light is flashing can be quite a few. Rather than ignoring this problem, it is a good idea to think about fixing it once you encounter it.

Is flashing overdrive light an issue?

Flash overdrive lights are continuously blinking, or turning on and off at a specific interval is a problem. If it turns on and remains on consistently, generally, it is not a problem.

Only the flashing or the blinking of the light is a problem.

What to do when O/D Light is Flashing?

Unless the overdrive light was only flashing because of the cold weather and not warming up your truck, you need to contact a qualified mechanic right away. Only when the mechanic examines the onboard computer systems and other parts of your vehicle will they be able to point out the exact cause.

Whenever there is a flashing of the overdrive light, the onboard computer will store a trouble code which will tell the mechanic right away about the cause of the problem.

If it is due to cold weather, you need to turn off your truck, turn it on again and let it warm up before driving. If it stops flashing after that, there is no need to call a mechanic unless this happens again.

How to fix overdrive Light flashing in Ford?

1. Take your car to a mechanic:

The first step is to take your car to a mechanic. In most cases, you will be able to drive the vehicle to the mechanic yourself. In case you aren’t able to drive your vehicle, you might have to call a tow truck as well. However, the vehicle malfunctioning to such a level just because of the overdrive flashing light is pretty rare.

2. Examine Error code:

After that, the mechanic is likely to examine the onboard computer systems of your car. If the onboard computer system is working fine, overdrive light flashing will record a trouble code on the computer that the mechanic can view clearly.

The trouble code will let the mechanic know which system is malfunctioning, resulting in the overdrive light flashing.

3. Problem-based solution:

In most cases, the problem is not big. However, it all depends on the trouble code. Depending on the trouble code, the mechanic might suggest you a solution.

4. Rebuilding:

If your Ford has undergone maintenance service recently, it might require rebuilding once the overdrive light starts flashing.

Only the mechanic will let you know how much time it will take for the rebuilding.

Use of overdrive light

  • When the overdrive light goes on, it indicates that the overdrive system in your car is actually on. It is a mechanism that helps you drive your car at a steady speed when driving on a highway. It also reduces the load on the engine by increasing the gear ratio of your car. By doing so, it can reduce the consumption of fuel. The wear and tear of the vehicle are also reduced. Ideally, in the hilly region, the overdrive must be off. However, when you’re on the highway, it should be on.
  • When the overdrive light is off, you have to drive your vehicle at the top gear. Once you do so, there will be a button near the gear shift which will allow you to activate the overdrive system.

How does Ford overdrive work?

The purpose of the overdrive system is to reduce the revolutions per minute by the engine. This can only happen at higher speeds and when you’re not likely to shift the gears. Thereby, on the highways, this feature can come in pretty handy.

When the revolutions per minute are reduced, the fuel consumption by the vehicle also decreases, and it runs more efficiently.

Not only that, when the overdrive mode is activated, the engine is much quieter, and therefore the ambient noise of the engine will not disturb you inside.

Advantages of overdrive:

In addition to some advantages of the overdrive system we have highlighted above, there are a few more.

1. Low emissions:

The fuel consumption in the overdrive mode is on the lower side. Low fuel consumption also means that the emissions are on the lower side. When the emissions are on the lower side, it becomes easier to make your vehicle more sustainable irrespective of the fuel you are using.

2. Better engine life:

Activation of the overdrive system also reduces wear and tear. When the wear and tear is less, the engine life will also increase. That way, your vehicle is smooth and easier to drive if you use the overdrive system frequently on the highways.

3. Low wear and tear of accessories:

The benefit of the overdrive system is not just limited to the engine but also the water pump, alternator, AC compressor, starting pump, etc. These accessories also last for a long time, drastically bringing down the maintenance expenses.

In a nutshell, using the overdrive system frequently can directly help you save money in the longer run.

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