Car Lights Turn Off While Driving (5 Reasons Explained)

car lights turn off while driving

The issue of your car lights could turn off while driving could be different from when you decide to turn it off when you are about to switch it off. This could happen to your car while the engine is active and can happen due to several reasons.

5 Reasons Car Lights Turn Off While Driving

Faulty Fuel system or Fuel Pump

Your car fuel tank has the role of ensuring that your car engine has the right amount of fuel to run correctly. Supposing the fuel pump does not indicate the correct amount of available fuel in your car, the car engine will not run, and it will turn off.

The challenge that you will face when you encounter a faulty fuel system problem is that you will need the help of a mechanic to repair it, or you will be forced to buy a new one.

You also need to look at the fuel filters to check if they are the problem. When they are not working correctly, your car engine can clog, impede the fuel running to the machine.

When your car fuel pump is broken, it can cause your car to turn off when you are driving because there will be an incorrect indication of the amount of fuel flowing into the engine.

As a result, the energy will not be enough to move the car properly.

Your Car Has A Faulty Engine Control Unit

One of the most common causes of your car lights turning off could be when your car experience a defective Engine Control Unit (ECU).

ECU is a computer found in your car that operates by collecting information from various pars situated in the internal combustion engine to ensure that the entire system is running smoothly in a precise manner to exploit efficiency.

When your car has a faulty ECU, it can lead to a sudden drop in power, spark loss, fuel efficiency.

When these happen, your car can shut off and on randomly. Additionally, it may cause your vehicle to stall and jerk while driving.

Challenge With Your Car Ignition System: 

Your car ignition system has an essential role in ensuring a power supply for the engine to move. Supposing the ignition has some faulty effect, your motor may come to an abrupt shut-off, leading to a shut-off when you’re on the road.

Alternator Problems

Another problem that may cause your car lights to shut-offs when your car alternator, which ensures that your vehicle has a constant stream of electricity, encounters a problem. It may cause your car to shut off abruptly when you’re driving.

Empty Fuel Tank

This is an issue that most motorists encounter at least once in their lifetime. You may be destructed while on the road and therefore forget to check your fuel gauge. Your car will shut off while driving when you fail to keep track of your fuel meter gauge.

When you encounter a fuel tank problem, it would be best to take your car to a mechanic to conduct a complete diagnosis to correct the problem causing your car to shut odd when you are driving.

Do Car Lights Turn Off Automatically?

Your vehicle lights may turn off automatically depending on the kind of headlight system that your car manufacturer has installed. For instance, your car may have a light system that can stay on when you shut it off, but the car lights will go out as soon as you remove the key from the ignition.

What Should I Do If Car Lights Turn Off Automatically While Driving?

Your car light may turn off automatically when it has some challenges on the fuel system or a bad crankshaft position sensor. The problem could be the ignition switch, car engine sensor issue, fuel tank, and lousy alternator.

When you encounter any of the above problems, please kindly check them keenly or call your mechanic if the issue is complex for you to handle.

Also, ensure that your automatic light sensor is not covered and the connections are proper.

How Do I Take Preventive Measures To Let It Not Happen?

I recommend that you ensure that you replace your car headlight bulbs with the specific factory specified types from your car manufacturer; you can also replace the headlights switches if the problem is still affecting your car.

Car Headlights Turn Off While Driving – Why?

The issue of your car headlights turning off when you are driving could be due to several issues.

  • One common issue could be the switch itself. When it overheats, it can shut down. Have it replaced if you notice its smelling bad
  • Another issue could be your car could have a loose or corroded connection which you need to check the light switch back end to find if there is an issue; the aluminum connectors could be corroded.
  • The problem could also be blade fuses or ballasts that could have gone wrong. Check the blade fuses under the driver’s kick plate to confirm if they are reasonable. If it’s the ballast, take your car to your dealer for a checkup.

Car Dash Lights Turn Off While Driving – Why?

The issue with your car dash light turning off could be when the battery terminals are loose. Therefore, they will disconnect. You can fix this problem by checking the battery connection and repairing them.

Another issue could be the alternator in your car could be going bad. When the alternators encounter problems, they could cause the dash lights to execute all kinds of crazy things.

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