Can You Change Eye Color On Driver’s License? (Know It Now)

Can you put hazel as an eye color on drivers license

If you observe your license, you will notice your eye color mentioned. Many times, you might need to change your eye color on your driver’s license.

Can you change eye color on driver’s license?

Yes, changing eye color on a driver’s license is possible. You will have to first take the legal steps to verify your eye color. After that, you will have to fill in the form of selecting the right eye color and submitting the associated documents. Only once you submit those documents will it become easy for you to change the same.

Generally speaking, the eye color in the license is the same as on your birth certificate.

In some states, you might have to first change the eye color on your birth certificate or your passport and thereafter submit that proof for your driver’s license eye color change.

When should I change my eye color on my driver’s license?

There are a few instances when it becomes essential to change eye color in driver’s license. I will cover those below.

1). Wrong eye color on driver’s license

Anyone can commit the mistake of selecting the wrong eye color in the driver’s license application. In that case, you have no option but to fill up the form again to modify the eye color.

2). Different eye colors on different documents

If your different ID documents have different eye colors printed, you need to change them to the right one. In this case, I’m assuming that the wrong eye color is printed on the driver’s license and the correct one is present on the other documents.

3). Erroneous printing

Many times an error might occur during printing as well. Even if you have selected right eye color, due to the scanning error or data entry error, the color might get changed.

In this case, no wonder the mistake is not on your part still; you might be required to fill out the form again and get the eye color corrected.

4). Change of eye color

Usually speaking, the eye color you have does not change three years after birth. However, in certain conditions, it can. When the light exposure changes, the pigment in your body also changes. That can impact your eye color as well. In that case, you would have to change the eye color in the driver’s license.

5). Lens implant

If you have undergone a lens implant that is eye surgery, the eye color can change. Of course, the procedure is very easy in that case. You have to submit your hospital and surgery documents, and after that, you can easily get the eye color changed.

It makes perfect sense to change the eye color on a driver’s license in these five circumstances.

What eye color should I put on my driver’s license? Drive License Eye Color Options

Many applicants are also unsure of what color options are available for driver’s license. I will cover them below.


Blue eyes might be real, but individuals having blue eyes are so common that it is an option on the driver’s license. Having blue eyes indicates that the level of pigment in your iris is on the lower side.


Brown is the most common eye colors. It indicates that the amount of melanin present in your iris is on the higher side. Since over half of the people globally have brown eyes, it certainly warrants an option in the driver’s license.


For the layman, it is challenging to decipher gray eyes. That is because, at the first look, they might appear blue. However, if they have flecks of gold and brown, they are more likely to be grey rather than blue.

You need to think before choosing the gray option in the driver’s license because, over a while, the grey iris can turn to blue or green. A lot depends on your lifestyle and the amount of sunlight you get. That is why, if you want to select gray in the driver’s license, it is good to get a professional opinion before choosing this option.


Green eyes are very rare. However, since this eye color is more common in northern and central Europe, you will find this option in most countries.


Hazel eyes are complicated to decipher. That is because eyes can appear brown or green depending on the light conditions. The color hazel can change if you’re exposed to more light for a few years as well. That is why, once again, it is essential to get the clinical evaluation done if you want to select this option in your driver’s license.


Black is another common option for eye color on a driver’s license. That is why; there is no surprise that you can select this option on your driver’s license application.

Wondering why I haven’t mentioned red?

That is because red in itself is not eye color. It simply means that the amount of pigment in your eyes is so low that the blood vessels are visible.

In case you can see those blood vessels, you need to consult the specialist and get an evaluation done regarding the exact eye color you have.

Usually speaking, these are the eye color options available on a driver’s license.

What eye color I shouldn’t put?

You need to avoid a few mistakes when you’re filling up the eye color in your driver’s license application.

1. Lens color:

Never should you put the color of the contact lens you are wearing. You can change the lenses. Generally speaking, this identification is used to verify your identity. In case you’re not wearing those lenses at that point in time, it might arouse suspicion. That is why, you should never mention the color of your contact lenses.

2. Old eye color:

For many individuals, eye color can change over a period of time. In case you haven’t got the eye color changed in your relevant documents, you might be forced to fill in your old eye color in the driver’s license application.

However, that is a mistake!

You need to avoid doing so at all costs as that will only create confusion and force you to fill out the modification documents later on.

Why is eye color mentioned on the driver’s license?

The practice of putting the eye color on the driver’s license dates back to the pre-biometrics era. There were very few metrics using which you could identify a person without mistake during that time. Eye color was one of them.

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