BMW Valvetronic Motor Reset (Step By Step Guide!)

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Even though the Valvetronic motor by BMW is pretty reliable, you might notice a few issues with it at times. In that case, you might have to reset it.

How to reset BMW Valvetronic motor?

Step 1: Connect the plug:

BMW Valvetronic motor comes with a 2 pin plug. You have to first and foremost connect it to the pin plug and then move to the next step.

Step 2: Switch on the ignition:

After that, you have to switch on the ignition and place it in the position. If you use position one, you won’t be able to reset the BMW Valvetronic motor. That is why this step is pretty essential.

Step 3: Press the accelerator:

After putting the ignition into position, within 15 minutes, you have to press down the accelerator. You have to do the same at least ten times in quick succession. Only when you do it ten times quickly the motor will reset itself.

Step 4: Keep an ear on the motor program announcement:

Once the Valvetronic motor resets to the factory specifications. There will be an announcement, which will alert you to the same.

Basically, what does the BMW Valvetronic motor do?

Valvetronic BMW motor consists of a valve lift system. This is combined with the variable valve timing and duration. Once you combine these systems, you can get infinite adjustments of the intake valve duration and the timing. That way, the engine is much more efficient, and you will be able to customize its performance according to your requirement.

Valvetronic BMW motor provides you with numerous advantages like:

1. Reduced fuel consumption:

Due to infinite adjustments, the engine adjusts the valve position and the duration precisely as per the requirement. It means that excessive fuel will not be used while driving your BMW.

2. Reduce the exhaust emissions:

When the fuel consumption is under control, of course, the exhaust will be optimized as well. That way, if you’re worried about the carbon footprint, that is minimized due to the Valvetronic system.

3. Reduced pumping losses:

Even BMW is not 100% efficient. When you look at the losses, you will realize that engine pumping loss are a significant part of the overall loss.

The Valvetronic system can minimize these engine pumping losses as well. Once they are minimized, the car becomes more efficient, the fuel consumption reduces, and you get more power as well.

4. Efficient power delivery:

When you combine the positive effects of all the above three, you will realize that the power which you get in your BMW is precise as per your requirement. Consequently, it becomes easier to get proper acceleration and proper power to climb up.

With all these advantages, one thing is pretty clear; the BMW Valvetronic motor is pretty beneficial.

Why do I need to reset it? With Valvetronic BMW Problems

1. Poor electrical connection:

Electrical wires and connections often suffer from static electricity or excessive drain current. In that case, the efficiency of the Valvetronic motor will reduce.

The straightforward resetting of the Valvetronic motor will help you get rid of all those problems. That way, it becomes easy to get the optimum advantage from the Valvetronic motor once again.

2. Damaged actuator:

If the actuator is damaged after consistent use across thousands of miles, the BMW Valvetronic motor will not function appropriately. Resetting the Valvetronic motor can undoubtedly help you out if the damage is minor.

3. Low system voltage:

Drain current is inevitable in any circuit. However, due to static electricity and wear and tear, the drain current increases over a period. If the drain current increases, the system voltage will decrease. That will reduce the efficiency of the entire assembly. A decrease in system voltage means that the other systems which rely on the Valvetronic motor to operate efficiently won’t get enough power.

A simple solution is to reset the BMW Valvetronic motor. Once you do so, the static electricity will be eliminated, and the circuit will function more efficiently. That will help you gain all the advantages from the Valvetronic motor.

4. Power loss:

Even after all the signs that something is not okay with the Valvetronic motor, if you continue to drive around, eventually, you will experience a power loss.

Power loss on highways or while you’re driving at higher speeds can be risky.

If you experience such power loss, resetting the BMW Valvetronic motor is the only option you have. Other than that, you might have to take your car to the mechanic or the dealership, which will cost you much higher.

5. High fuel consumption:

As I highlighted above, the primary job of the BMW Valvetronic motor is to reduce or optimize fuel consumption.

What happens if such a Valvetronic motor develops a problem?

Of course, the fuel consumption will increase significantly.

On shorter trips, you might overlook that. However, this will increase the cost of driving the car around in the longer run.

Since the solution is simple and you can reset the BMW Valvetronic motor yourself, it is good to do so when you notice increasing fuel consumption.

How do you test if there are any problems with the Valvetronic motor?

Usually, you come to know about the malfunctioning of the electronic motor when there is a big issue with the car. However, there is an easier solution as well. There are a few different ways to detect this problem before it blows up. I will cover those below.

1. Check the failure code:

Whenever there is any problem with your BMW, the onboard computer system will lock it. There is a troubleshooting program on the onboard computer as well.

If you doubt that there is some issue with the Valvetronic motor, all you need to do is just go through the onboard computer logs. In case of any problem, you will notice a failure code.

You can search for that failure code online. You can refer to the car manual as well.

Once you have the code, it is easy to understand whether the problem is with the Valvetronic motor or the problem is something else.

2. Keep track of fuel consumption:

In case of a problem with the Valvetronic motor, the fuel consumption will not be optimum. Consequently, the fuel expenses will increase.

You might not notice the difference in a day or two. However, after a fortnight or so, it will be clear that your car is consuming more fuel. When you’re clear about the same, it is time to check the onboard computer system or simply reset the Valvetronic motor. In most cases, resetting will fix the problem, ensuring that the fuel consumption falls back up to the optimum level.

3. Watch out for power loss:

In case you drive the BMW yourself, there is another way to detect the problem with this motor. There might be intermittent power loss when a problem is in this motor.

Intermittent power loss is noticeable only to a regular driver. If you aren’t well-versed with the amount of power that your BMW can provide you, you won’t be able to detect this power loss with all the acceleration. Power loss happens just for a few seconds.

If you are an accustomed BMW driver, you can detect the symptom, and after that, you will know right away that the problem is with the Valvetronic motor.

Does resetting fix the problem, or do I need to replace it?

Yes, resetting the Valvetronic motor will fix the problem in most cases. However, in some instances, it won’t. In those cases, there are two solutions which you have. The first one is to get the motor repaired, and the next one is the replacement..

1. Repair:

If the Valvetronic motor is jammed, you will need to repair it.

The repair can easily cost you between $ 200 -$ 250 if you contact the dealership. Also, most dealerships will not be able to return the car on the same day, and therefore chances are you might have to keep the car at the dealership for 24 to 48 hours.

2. Replacement:

There might be cases you might have to replace the Valvetronic motor. In that case, the cost is much higher. You’re looking at expenses of $1000. As long as the dealership has the Valvetronic motor in stock, they will replace it the same day. Replacement is quicker.

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