6 Reasons BMW Screen Not Working (Fixed!)

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Occasionally, you might notice that the BMW screen does turn on. However, it might also immediately go dead again, which could lead to a completely blank screen. Here are a few reasons why this could happen.

1. Software Glitch

Nowadays, vehicles rely heavily on the software inside the car. The software can often make or break the car and this might cause a few problems when it comes to fixing the screen on your BMW. A standard software glitch is not that uncommon and in many cases, you will find that it simply needs a reset. One of the most common reasons for this to happen might be after a service or update of the software.

2. Dead Battery

I often like to include the dead battery for numerous issues that are associated with BMW. While this is not specifically aimed at the BMW brand, it can happen to almost any modern vehicle. A dead battery is often a problem when it comes to dealing with your vehicle and this will reroute the power it has left.

You might see some of the essential components like your lights working, but they tend to be much dimmer than you are used to. The dead battery would need to be replaced and this would reset the onboard CPU.

3. Cold Weather

Surprisingly, the weather could affect the way that your car computer screen works and this is something that many people might find frustrating when they are trying to access the CPU. Unfortunately, the weather in extremely cold parts of the USA could significantly affect the way that your screen works and this might be very frustrating for the person.

One of the best solutions would be to let the car warm up. In many of the arctic countries, you often find that the use of heaters inside the car is very prominent and this will affect the way that the cars would work. Adding a little bit of heat could resolve the issue.

4. Switch Malfunction

Most of the components of your vehicle are powered by fuses and switches that run through the car to send signals for the specific components that should work. However, every component, including these switches and fuses will have a set lifespan that you should keep in mind. A switch malfunction could significantly affect the way that your vehicle is working.

For a switch malfunction, you will need to visit the dealership. Only certified and experienced BMW mechanics would be able to diagnose the possible problem and this is something that you would need to keep in mind when driving. If you have diagnosed every other possible problem, you should have it checked for switch issues.

5. Accidentally Switching It Off

Yes, you might think that this is a bluff, but accidentally switching off the display has happened to me on many occasions. You try to turn a knob or adjust one of the switches and when you find yourself again, the complete system is turned off. Unfortunately, this can have a detrimental impact on the way you approach the situation.

The upside is that once you press the switch button, you can easily turn on the display system. The turned-on display system would allow you to have the computer reset, but if a sleep cycle is activated, you might need to wait. If the computer does not turn on after a few minutes, you might need to visit your local mechanic.

6. Cracked Or Damaged Screen

Finally, you could have some hardware issues that are physically present on the screen. If the screen cracks for whatever reason or when there are some possible problems associated with the screen, you could find that it does not want to turn on.

Unfortunately, this is one of the most expensive fixes and you might need to visit a certified BMW mechanic. The mechanic would check to see if there are any possible hardware faults, which could potentially cause the screen to be significantly damaged. A full-screen replacement might be necessary for these situations.

How To Troubleshoot BMW Screen Issues?

If you have these issues with the BMW, you can use the following steps to troubleshoot:

Leave the Screen Off For 20 Minutes

If the screen is going through a sleep cycle, you might want to leave the screen off for a couple of minutes. It should usually take around 20 minutes and you should also leave the car off. Upon returning, you should notice that the screen will boot up.

Turn It On Manually

If it does not come on automatically, you might have accidentally turned the screen off. By simply pushing the power button, you should be able to effectively turn the screen back on. Once the screen is successfully turned on, you will notice that it would boot up, or if it was only turned off softly, it would continue working.

Check The Hardware

If you could not get the screen to work with all the other features and aspects, you might need to check the hardware of the screen. This could be due to a loose connection with one of the cables or even one of the fuses that might have blown. Your best bet would be to do a thorough rundown of the hardware and check for faults.

BMW Screen Repair And Replacement Options

The final part of the process would be to check for damages. If you could not fix the issue, but you have run through all the diagnostic processes, you will need to visit the dealership to find out how you can have it fixed. Here are a few of the possible fixes and replacement options that the dealership would offer:

Screen Damage

Another minor reason that the screen could not be working could be due to significant damage to the screen. Unfortunately, if the screen heats up too much, it could often cause some damage to the internal components. While it might be expensive, you will need to have the screen replaced to have all components fully working.

Software Issues

One of the easier problems to fix would be when you are dealing with a software glitch. However, the BMW technicians could quickly plug the vehicle into their computers. This would show them some of these issues. Within a couple of hours, they can completely reset the screen to the factory settings and update some of the software problems.

Design Flaws

While there are no design flaws when it comes to the BMW iDrive system that I could find, you might be one of the unfortunate individuals that have bought a vehicle that could be leaving you with some of these possible problems.

Fortunately, any design flaws would be covered by your warranty and you can simply turn up at the BMW dealership, they should effectively replace the screen to ensure that you have everything in working order.

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