7 Reasons Honda CRV Green Key Light Flashing (Fixed)

honda crv green key light flashing

The Honda CRV has a reliable security system. But that security system can become an inconvenience once it malfunctions, especially when the green key light starts flashing. The guide below will show you what you can do in response.

Honda CRV Green Key Light Flashing – Why?

1). Defective Immobilizer System

The immobilizer system has an indicator that appears for a few seconds when you turn the ignition switch to the on position. The indicator only blinks when the immobilizer system fails to recognize the key’s code.

The immobilizer system is part of the car’s anti-theft mechanism. It won’t permit the wrong key or tool to start the car. Your vehicle’s key fob has a chip with a unique code. When you attempt to start the vehicle, the chip will communicate with the immobilizer system.

If the code in the key matches the code in the immobilizer, it will tell the onboard computer to start the car. If the code is wrong, the car won’t start. The computer will prevent the firing systems from working. This can happen because you have a malfunction in the immobilizer system.

The green key icon will flash to let you know that something is wrong. It appears when you turn the key to the start position.

2). Wrong Key

Before you blame the flashing green key icon on a defective immobilizer system, make sure you inserted the correct key. If you have multiple cars, you probably confused their keys.

You can’t use the wrong key to start the Honda CRV.

3). Flat Battery

The key won’t communicate with the immobilizer if you have a flat battery. When was the last time you changed the battery?

4). Defective Key

Honda keys develop defects all the time. If the chip in the fob goes bad, the green key icon will flash because the immobilizer cannot communicate with the key.

5). New Key

If you lost your old key, it isn’t enough to buy a new key. You must program it. Otherwise, the immobilizer won’t recognize it. Some people program their own keys. But you are better off buying the key from the car’s manufacturer and allowing their technicians to program it.

Admittedly, many aftermarket companies provide this service. They will program your key for a fee.

6). Defective Chip Reader

You can also blame the flashing green key icon on a faulty chip reader in the dashboard. You can’t expect the car to start when the reader has failed to communicate with the chip in the key fob.

7). Wet ECM

Troubleshoot the ECM. This is the computer. The Honda’s complex features cannot work without it. You can create malfunctions by making the ECM wet. If the ECM is okay, inspect the battery terminals. Are they clean? What about the main relay?

The layperson cannot troubleshoot these components without an expert. A conventional mechanic won’t do. You need a professional that understands the workings of immobilizers and ECMs.

Don’t be so quick to dismiss the immobilizer as a potential culprit simply because you can’t see the flashing light, especially when the car refuses to start. For all you know, the bulb is burnt out. Then again, the vehicle can refuse to start for reasons unrelated to the immobilizer.

What Should I Do To Fix The Green Key Light On Honda CRV?

The easiest solution is to take the car back to the dealership or any Honda center in your area. But if you have a competent local mechanic you trust, they can resolve some of these issues for you. Consider the following:

1). Make sure you have the correct key for your car. The immobilizer won’t recognize any other key. A photocopy of your original key won’t work. Label the correct key to prevent further confusion in the future.

2). Keys can become deprogrammed. If this happens to you, take the key to a dealership or any third-party entity that offers similar services. Don’t bother jimmying the ignition. It won’t work. The anti-theft system is actually a good thing. It prevents criminals from stealing your vehicle. You wouldn’t trust it if you could jimmy the ignition.

3). If you have a new key, make sure it was programmed by an expert. If the green key icon has persisted and the car won’t start, take the key back to the dealership. Maybe they made a mistake. They can troubleshoot the problem until they discover a solution.

4). If the chip is dead, the dealership will replace the fob. They may attempt to fix it. But you are better off getting a replacement. If you have a warranty, use it to get a new key. Don’t rely on third-party services unless you don’t have a choice.

5). Use a scan tool to find the problem. The scan tool will analyze the anti-theft system until it identifies the source of your troubles. This scanner can detect a bad chip in the key.

6). If the battery is flat, replace it. It involves the following:

  • Get the key fob and identify the battery’s location.
  • Release the metal key using a button.
  • Open the button and retrieve the key.
  • Use the key to open the back of the fob.
  • Remove the dead battery carefully with your finger.
  • Insert a new battery and close the fob.

Use the manual or Honda’s online resource to find instructions for your particular key. Insert a battery whose specs match the information in the manual.

7). If the ECM or immobilizer is at fault, the dealership will fix or replace them.

8). I also suggest cleaning the board in the fob. Use isopropyl alcohol 99 percent. You must remove the battery to execute this step.

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