6 Reasons Ford Explorer Not Going Into Reverse & Repair Tips

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One of the most frustrating things you can deal with is gearbox or transmission issues for your vehicle. It can hinder you from going into the right gear and it makes reversing almost impossible.

What Would Cause A Ford Explorer To Not Go Into Reverse?

1. Transmission Fault

Your transmission might be worn or the gears could be damaged, keeping them from connecting and shifting.

Fixing your transmission can be a tedious and frustrating process, especially if you don’t have any mechanical skills. Additionally, this could be one of the more expensive faults on your vehicle. I would recommend that you take your car to your mechanic and have them check to find the fault in the transmission.

2. Low Transmission Fluid

Low transmission fluid is always one of the main issues that you could be dealing with and you must check the fluid often. However, low transmission fluid could cause the vehicle to stop shifting into gear and this could force the engine to work much harder and potentially even overheat or stall.

The best solution would be to constantly check your transmission fluid. Depending on your model and transmission, it needs to be checked every couple of miles. Fortunately, this is something you can fix at home by topping up the tank. However, it could potentially lead to additional damage if you don’t keep it in check.

3. Bad Transmission Sensor

One thing that most cars have in common is the transmission selector sensor. The main goal of this sensor is to tell the vehicle when and into which gear it should be shifting. However, the sensor might be damaged or broken and this could cause some issues when you are shifting. You will need a mechanic to confirm this.

Once again, you should visit your mechanic to have them see if this is a sensor issue or if this is an issue related to other parts of the transmission. The mechanic would be able to diagnose the issue and also let you know if you need to replace it. The sensor is one of the cheaper components that you have to replace.

4. Dirty Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid can often become dirty when you leave it unchecked for a while and when the filters need to deal with excessive debris and issues. This could reduce the lubrication effect.

The only thing you can do with dirty transmission fluid is to drain the engine and refill the tank. This can be done at home if you understand the fundamentals of accessing your transmission. However, most people might need to visit a mechanic. The mechanic will know exactly how and what to do when replacing the fluid.

5. Broken Shifter Mechanism

A broken shifter mechanism is often caused by erratic shifting and many people do not press the clutch in fully, which forces the shifter mechanism to wear significantly. This broken shifter mechanism is one of the worst issues you can deal with.

You will need to disassemble the gear lever and check to see if you can find the shifter mechanism on the inside. Once located, you can remove the mechanism and check it for any damage and make sure no sticky substances are spilled. Replacing the mechanism is easy and should be done in the reverse of removing it.

6. Broken Reverse Gear

Probably one of the worst issues you could deal with will be a broken reverse gear. If your reverse gear does not want to operate as it should, it could be broken. This problem generally occurs when inexperienced drivers try to force the car into gear. A large snapping noise would often accompany the broken gear.

The best thing you can do would be to have a mechanic check your gear. Unfortunately, the reverse gear is located inside the gearbox, which means that it could be daunting to access for most people. It is also one of the more expensive things that you could replace with your vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Ford Explorer Transmission?

The gearbox and clutch are two of the most expensive components that you would often need to replace and this could lead to significant expenses for the driver of the vehicle. However, the costs would be determined by what is wrong with the transmission and what could be leading to this level of frustration.

To rebuild your full gearbox would be around $3,215 and this would include a new clutch and a full replacement of the gearbox mechanisms. However, you don’t always need to go this route when you are fixing your gearbox.

It can often be only a few bucks if you are looking to replace certain smaller components related to the gearbox and this would often be much more affordable. The best thing you can do when you are unsure is to find a trusted mechanic. The mechanic would diagnose the issue and give you a clear idea of what the costs would be when they are done.

Can You Fix A Ford Explorer Transmission At Home?

If you have the mechanical know-how to work on your car, you might be able to diagnose and determine what could be wrong with the vehicle. However, this is one of the more expensive things to figure out as well.

Even if you can determine the fault, and you have the skills to fix it at home, you might still need to buy the parts. The parts will be expensive, especially when related to the clutch and gearbox of your vehicle. However, you will be slashing a few bucks from the labor costs, which should make it slightly more affordable.

Keep in mind that the Ford Explorer does not have any known recalls for the gearbox or transmission. This means that the warranty does not necessarily cover the costs of these components. You will need to dole out a few bucks for you to make sure you can fix the unit.

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